How to Write a Job Application Letter – Format, Tips, Examples

Job Application Letter – Here is we providing Job Application Letter format about Solicited Job Application, Email Job Application Letter. With the help of these Job Application format you will know how to write an Job Application Letter with Job Application Letter Writing Tips, Samples, Examples.

Format of a Job Application Letter

Information about the candidate
Name of the Candidate
Candidate’s Address
Email Id of the Candidate
Contact number of the Candidate

Subject: Job Application Letter for (Mention the job position here)
Dear/ Ms./ Mr./ Mrs. + Surname (of the employer of the company)
The main body of the job application
State where you saw the job post and why are you interested in working at this post. Write down your educational qualification that matches the requirement of the job.
Briefly explain your past working experiences either as an intern or a full-time employee. This will help to emphasize your skills and personality. State your interest to the employer for the purpose of reviewing your job application letter. In this section, you can also show the employer how the organization will benefit by employing you and how you are a good fit for the organization. Also include follow-up information in the letter.
Signature of the Candidate
Name of the Candidate

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Format of a Solicited Job Application Letter

The Solicited job application letter starts by writing down the particular position that was advertised that you are applying for, and where you saw the job position. In the body of the letter, you should write examples of how you will benefit the organization and why you are the best candidate.
Name of the Candidate

Paragraph One: Write done the purpose and your qualifications State in the letter that you are applying for a job post and mention where did you see the job post or ad. Also, mention a brief description of the job you are applying for. You can also remind the reader about where/when you met them. Briefly describe your educational and other qualifications for the job. Discuss the professional qualifications and of course, mention your previous work experience.

Paragraph Two: Develop your qualifications in detail Make sure that there is a direct link between your work experience and your educational qualifications and also the job that you are applying for. Try to use the most specific terms and the terms that are related to or mentioned in the job description.

Paragraph Three: Separate Yourself from Other Applicants Check out the company’s website, news, and prospectus of the company or the job description properly to get hints on what the company values the most. Also mention what you know about the company and your experience with the company. Mention your awards and achievements and also your GPA. State your uniques leadership and problem-solving skills that can be applied to the work that you are applying for.

Lastly, ask for an interview by telling them your availability for an interview and to start work. Mention specific dates. End the application with a looking forward note.
(Your Name)
Resume, Recommendation letters if any.

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Format of Email Job Application

Subject: (Your Name)- (Job Position You are Applying for and the reference number)
Your subject line is the first thing that the receiver will notice. Hence, write a relevant and attractive subject line.
Mail Body
Start with saying a Hello (Name of the person)
Mention the position you intend to apply for and let the recipient know where did you hear about the job from. Talk about the responsibilities that are mentioned in the job description and make sure to match them with your skills and interests.
Give a brief about qualifications and your previous work experience.
State the fact that you have attached your cover letter and resume in the mail.
End your application with thank you and “looking forward to hearing from you” note.
(Name of the application)
(Address of the application)
(Contact Number of the Applicant)
(Email of the applicant)
Cover Letter

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