List of Important National and International days and dates – GK

Important Days in January

1-JanCelebrate as Army Medical Corps Establishment Day
8-JanCelebrate as African National Congress Foundation Day
10-JanCelebrate as World Laughter Day
9-JanCelebrate as Pravasi Bharatiya Divas
11-JanCelebrate as Death anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri
12-JanCelebrate as National youth Day (Birth Day of Swami Vivekanand)
15-JanCelebrate as Army Day
23-JanCelebrate as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s birth anniversary
25-JanCelebrate as International Customs Duty Day, India Tourism Day, Indian Voter Day
26-JanCelebrate as Republic Day
28-JanCelebrate as Birth anniversary of Lala Lajpat Rai
30-JanCelebrate as (Martyr’s day) Mahatma Gandhi’s Martyrdom Day;World Leprosy Eradication Day
31-JanCelebrate as World Leprosy Eradication Day

Important Days in February

2-FebCelebrate as World Wetlands Day
4-FebCelebrate as National Day of Srilanka
5-FebCelebrate as Kashmir Day (Organised by Pakistan)
13-FebCelebrate as Sarojini Naidu’s Birth Anniversary
14-FebCelebrate as St. Valentine’s Day
24-FebCelebrate as Central Exise Day
28-FebCelebrate as National Science Day

Important Days in March

3-MarCelebrate as National Defence Day
4-MarCelebrate as National Security Day
8-MarCelebrate as International Women’s Day
9-MarCelebrate as CISF Raising Day
12-MarCelebrate as Mauritius Day;Central Industrial Security Force Day
15-MarCelebrate as World Consumer Day
16-MarCelebrate as National Vaccination Day
21-MarCelebrate as World Forestry Day
22-MarCelebrate as World Day of Water
23-MarCelebrate as World Meterological Day
24-MarCelebrate as World TB Day
26-MarCelebrate as Bangaladesh Liberation Day

Important Days in April

1-AprCelebrate as Orissa Day
5-AprCelebrate as National Meritime Day
7-AprCelebrate as World Health Day
11-AprCelebrate as National Safe Motherhood Day
13-AprCelebrate as Jallianwallah Bagh Massacre Day (1919)
14-AprCelebrate as B.R. Ambedkar Remembrance Day
17-AprCelebrate as World Haemophilia Day
18-AprCelebrate as World Heritage Day
21-AprCelebrate as National Civil Service Day
22-AprCelebrate as World Earth Day
23-AprCelebrate as World Books Day
24-AprCelebrate as Panchayat Raj Day
26-AprCelebrate as World Intellectual Property Day

Important Days in May

1-MayCelebrate as International Labour Day, Maharashtra Day
3-MayCelebrate as International Press Freedom day; International Energy Day
4-MayCelebrate as Coal Miners Day
7-MayCelebrate as Worlds AIDS Orphans day
8-MayCelebrate as International Red Cross Day (It is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of the founder of the Red Cross Organization Jean Henry Dunant)
11-MayCelebrate as National Technology Day
15-MayCelebrate as International Family Day
17-MayCelebrate as World Telecom Day
18-MayCelebrate as International Museums Day
22-MayCelebrate as International Bio Diversity Day
24-MayCelebrate as Commonwealth Day
25-MayCelebrate as Worlds Thyroid Day
29-MayCelebrate as International Day of UN Peace Keepers
30-MayCelebrate as Hindi Journalism Day
31-MayCelebrate as World No Tobacco Day

Important Days in June

1-JunCelebrate as World Milk Day (FAO)
5-JunCelebrate as World Environment Day
8-JunCelebrate as World Oceans Day
12-JunCelebrate as World Day Against Child Labour / Child Labour Prohibition Day
14-JunCelebrate as World Blood Donor Day
15-JunCelebrate as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
17-JunCelebrate as World Day to Combat Desertification
20-JunCelebrate as World Refugee Day
21-JunCelebrate as International Day of Yoga
23-JunCelebrate as United Nations Public Service Day
26-JunCelebrate as International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
29-JunCelebrate as National Statistics Day

Important Days in July

1-JulCelebrate as Doctor’s Day
2-JulCelebrate as World UFO Day
4-JulCelebrate as American Independence Day
7-JulCelebrate as International Day of Cooperatives
11-JulCelebrate as World Population Day
17-JulCelebrate as World Day for International Justice
18-JulCelebrate as Mandela Day
26-JulCelebrate as Kargil Victory Day
27-JulCelebrate as Central Reserve Police Force Foundation Day
28-JulCelebrate as World Hepatitis Day

Important Days in August

6-AugCelebrate as Hiroshima Day
7-AugCelebrate as National Handloom Day
9-AugCelebrate as Quit India Movement Day
12-AugCelebrate as International youth Day
14-AugCelebrate as Pakistan’s Independence Day
15-AugCelebrate as India’s Independence Day
19-AugCelebrate as World Photography Day
20-AugCelebrate as Sadbhavana Diwas
29-AugCelebrate as National Sports Day of India (Dhyanchand’s Birth Day)
30-AugCelebrate as Small Industry Day

Important Days in September

5-SepCelebrate as Teacher’s Day (Dr. Radhakrishnan’s Birth Day)
7-SepCelebrate as Forgiveness Day
8-SepCelebrate as International Literacy Day
14-SepCelebrate as Hindi day,World First Aid Day
16-SepCelebrate as World Ozone Day
21-SepCelebrate as International Day of Peace, World Alzheimer’s day
25-SepCelebrate as Social Justice Day
27-SepCelebrate as World Tourism Day

Important Days in October

1-OctCelebrate as International Day for the Elderly(UN)
2-OctCelebrate as Gandhi Jayanti, International Day of Non-Violence
3-OctCelebrate as World Nature Day, World Habitat Day
4-OctCelebrate as World Animal Day
5-OctCelebrate as World Teacher’s Day
6-OctCelebrate as World Wildlife Day, World Food Security Day
8-OctCelebrate as Indian Air-force day
9-OctCelebrate as World Postal Day
10-OctCelebrate as World Mental Health day;National Post Day
11-OctCelebrate as International Girl Child Day
12-OctCelebrate as World Sight day
13-OctCelebrate as World Calamity Control Day(UN)
14-OctCelebrate as World Standard Day
15-OctCelebrate as World White cane day(guiding the blind)
16-OctCelebrate as World Food Day
17-OctCelebrate as International poverty
20-OctCelebrate as National Solidarity Day (China attacked India on that day)
24-OctCelebrate as United Nations Day
30-OctCelebrate as World Thrift Day
31-OctCelebrate as Rastriya Ekta Diwas (Sardar Patel), National Integration Day (In memory of Indira Gandhi)

Important Days in November

5-NovCelebrate as World Tsunami Awareness Day
7-NovCelebrate as Infant Protection day;World Cancer Awareness Day
9-NovCelebrate as Legal Service Day
10-NovCelebrate as World Science Day for Peace Development
11-NovCelebrate as National Education Day
12-NovCelebrate as National Broadcasting Day
14-NovCelebrate as Children’s day; World Diabetics day
17-NovCelebrate as Guru Nanak Dev’s Birth Anniversary
18-NovCelebrate as Territorial Army Day
19-NovCelebrate as National Integration Day
21-NovCelebrate as World Fisheries Day; World Television Day
26-NovCelebrate as National Law Day

Important Days in December

1-DecCelebrate as World AIDS Day
3-DecCelebrate as World Disability Day
4-DecCelebrate as Navy Day
7-DecCelebrate as Armed Force Flag Day
10-DecCelebrate as Human Rights day
11-DecCelebrate as UNICEF Day
14-DecCelebrate as National Energy Conservation Day
19-DecCelebrate as Goa’s Liberation day
23-DecCelebrate as Kisan Divas (Farmer’s Day)
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