SET – 7 India Questions and Answers

India GK Set-7 : – Below India GK Set-7 Questions and Answers have been published. India General Knowledge Set-7 published in this section for Bank, Railways, SSC etc. These questions and answers important and helpful for you in all Competitive exams.

SET 7 – India General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Question 1. Which of the following ghats is between Kerala and Tamil Nadu?
1. Palghat
2. Shipki-La
3. Bhorghat
4. Thalghat

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Answer: Palghat - Palghat which is situated between Kerala and Tamil Nadu is the main pass of India, the height of this main pass is about 75. 300 meters and it is located in the southern part of the Nilgiri Mountains

Question 2. In the world, what is the place of India in the production of wind energy?
1. Fourth
2. Seventh
3. First
4. Fifth

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Answer: Fifth - Wind energy is the energy generated by flowing air, which is used to make windmills. India ranks fifth in the production of wind energy in the world.

Question 3. In which city in India was the first radio station established?
1. Pune
2. Ahmedabad
3. Goa
4. Delhi

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Answer: Delhi - The first radio station in India was established in Delhi, the capital of India, as well as advertising on radio started in 1923. Thi.

Question 4. By which of these, Yavanika curtain was introduced in Indian theater?
1. Greeks
2. Parthians
3. Kushans
4. Mughal dynasty

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Answer: Greeks - The Greeks are said to have introduced the Yavanika curtain in the Indian theater.

Question 5. Which state of India has the largest area of ​​jute?
1. Kerala
2. West Bengal
3. Bihar
4. Meghalaya

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Answer: West Bengal - The word jute is thought to derive from Sanskrit 'jata' or 'jute', jute being a type of fiber. Is the largest area of ​​jute in the state of West Bengal, India.

Question 6. Which of the following objectives is not included in fiscal policy in India?
1. Price Stability
2. Regulation of international trade
3. Full employment
4. Equitable distribution of property and income

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Answer: Full employment

Question 7. Which of these two rulers had a war in Chausa?
1. Babur and Sher Shah
2. Humayun and Sher Shah
3. Sher Shah and Aurangzeb
4. Akbar and Sher Shah

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Answer: Humayun and Sher Shah - On 27 June 1539, there was a Chausa war between Humayun and Sher Shah Suri, the two rulers, in which Humayun was defeated and he died. Saved and ran.

Question 8. In which Indian state is the “Buxa Tiger Project” located?
1. Kerala
2. Tamil Nadu
3. West Bengal
4. Gujarat

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Answer: West Bengal - Buxa Tiger Project is in the state of West Bengal, India, which aims to secure the remaining tigers in India

Question 9. Which of the following Himalayan ranges is the oldest category?
1. Shivalik Range
2. Dhauladhar Range
3. Low Himalaya
4. Large Himalayan Range

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Answer: Greater Himalayan Range - Largest Himalayan Range which is the oldest category as well as Himalaya is composed in parallel ring ranges

Question 10. Who adopted the policy of reconciliation?
1. Shah Jahan
2. Akbar
3. Sher Shah
4. Babur

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Answer: Akbar - The policy of reconciliation was adopted by King Akbar, and the principle of reconciliation of Akbar is what made his era co-ordinator and great Created.

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