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KBC-13 Episode-14 Questions and Answers in English

Here are published KBC-13 questions and answers of episode-14 in English all KBC-13 episode questions have already been asked in the KBC serial.

Kbc Season 13 Questions (Episode-14)

1. With reference to real estate terminology, what does BHK stand for?
A. Bathroom – Hall – Kitchen
B. Ballroom – Hall – Kitchen
C. Bedroom – Hall – Kithchen
D. Balcony – Hall – Kitchen

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Ans. C. Bedroom – Hall – Kithchen

2. Which of these rivers is the smallest in length?
A. Narmada
B. Godavari
C. Krishna
D. Kaveri

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Ans. D. Kaveri

3. Which of these names means firm or wise?
A. Vikram
B. Tarun
C. Sudhir
D. Vinod

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Ans. C. Sudhir

4. Which of these Indian states has has two women chief minsters?
A. Bihar
B. Assam
C. Tamil Nadu
D. Gujarat

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Ans. C. Tamil Nadu

5. Amitav Ghosh’s “Ibis Trilogy” is set against the backdrop of which historical event?
A. Indigo Revolt
B. Opium War
C. Permanent Settlement
D. Sepoy Mutiny

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Ans. B. Opium War

6. According to the Shiva Purana to which of these asuras did Lord Brahma grant a born that he would only die at the hands of a son of Lord Shiva?
A. Tripurasura
B. Tarakasura
C. Bakasura
D. Banasura

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Ans. B. Tarakasura

7. Which of these organisations developed the ultraviolet disinfection tower called ‘UV Blaster’ for rapid chemical-free disinfection during COVID-19?

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Ans. D. DRDO

8. Who became the first Indian woman footballer to sign a professional contract for a European club?
A. Bembem Devi
B. Tanvie Hans
C. Bala Devi
D. Aditi Chauchan

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Ans. C. Bala Devi

9. Which of these words is used to denote an inhabitant of a particular region in china as well as a popular dish in India?
A. Manchurian
B. Chow mein
C. Momo
D. Thukpa

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Ans. A. Manchurian

10. If a doctor takes 10 minutes on an average to see each patient, then how long would the 7th patient in the queue have to wait for his turn?
A. Half an hour
B. Forty-five minutes
C. One hour
D. One and a half hours

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Ans. C. One hour

11. Optical zoom and digital zoom help you in doing what with the mobile phone?
A. Sending texts
B. Listening to music
C. Taking pictures
D. Browsing faster

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Ans. C. Taking pictures

12. Starring Akshay Kumar and Vaani Kapoor, which of these is a spy thriller that shares its title with an item of clothing?
A. Bermudas
B. Harem
C. Cargo
D. Bell Bottom

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Ans. D. Bell Bottom

13. “Adityat Jayate Vrishti” is the motto of which Indian organisation?
A. Archaeological Survey of India
B. India Meteorological Department
C. Geological Survey of India
D. National Centre for Seismology

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Ans. B. India Meteorological Department

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