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KBC-13 Episode-34 Questions in English

Here are published KBC-13 questions and answers of episode-34 in English all KBC-13 episode questions have already been asked in the KBC serial.

Kbc Season 13 Questions (Episode-34)

1. Complete this line of a popular aarti: “Om Jaya Jagdish Hare, ___ Jaya Jagdish Hare, Bhakt Jano ke Sankat, Das Jano Ke Sankat, Khshan Mein Dur Kare”
A. Swami
B. Rama
C. Mahadeva
D. Raja

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Ans. A. Swami

2. In an Android phone, where would you download apps from?
A. Opera Mini
B. Google Duo
C. Play Store
D. UC Browser

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Ans. C. Play Store

3. Which character, played by Kareena Kapoor, says this dialogue, “Bachpan Se Hi Na Mujhe Shaadi Karne Ka Bahut Craze Hai, By God”?
A. Pia Sahastrabudhhe
B. Chameli
C. Poo
D. Geet

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Ans. D. Geet

4. Which fruit would link Jaffa, china, Nagpur and Valencia?
A. Apple
B. Banana
C. Papaya
D. Orange

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Ans. D. Orange

5. Who among these is the founder of the organisation, people for Animals?
A. Smiriti Irani
B. Anjali Gopalan
C. Maneka Gandhi
D. Gauri Maulekhi

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Ans. C. Maneka Gandhi

6. “Bad Man” is the autobiography of which Hindi film villain?
A. Shakti Kapoor
B. Gulshan Grover
C. Ranjeet
D. Prem Chopra

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Ans. B. Gulshan Grover

7. According to the Valmiki Ramayana, Kishkindha was the kingdom of which of these groups?
A. Hansas
B. Vanaras
C. Nagas
D. Gajas

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Ans. B. Vanaras

8. Which of the following chemical elements is denoted by a single letter on the periodic table?
A. Potassium
B. Mercury
C. Gold
D. Copper

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Ans. A. Potassium

9. AstraZeneca, one of the companies spearheading the COVID-19 vaccine drive, is a pharmaceutical company with its headquarters in which country?
A. Sweden
B. United States of America
C. Russia
D. United Kingdom

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Ans. D. United Kingdom

10. Designed and Developed indigenously by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), which of these is an anti-torpedo decoy system?
A. Kalnemi
B. Maareech
C. Kabandha
D. Meghnad

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Ans. B. Maareech

11. “Confessions of a Swadeshi Reformer: My years as Finance Minister” is an account of which former finance minister of India?
A. Yashwant Sinha
B. Jaswant Singh
C. P Chidambaram
D. Manmohan Singh

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Ans. A. Yashwant Sinha

12. In India, which of these home appliances generally has three blades?
A. Vacuum cleaner
B. Air conditioner
C. Ceiling fan
D. Chimney

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Ans. C. Ceiling fan

13. What among these would you scan to make a payment digitally?
A. Pin code
B. QR code
C. STD code
D. Entry code

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Ans. B. QR code

14. Which of these idioms means ‘to be very generous’?
A. Dil baag-baag hona
B. Dil ka gubaar nikaalna
C. Dil dariya hona
D. Dil tukde tukde hona

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Ans. C. Dil dariya hona

15. With which festival is “bhang thandai” traditionally associated?
A. Pongal
B. Diwali
C. Christmas
D. Holi

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Ans. D. Holi

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