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KBC-13 Episode-35 Questions in English

Here are published KBC-13 questions and answers of episode-35 in English all KBC-13 episode questions have already been asked in the KBC serial.

Kbc Season 13 Questions (Episode-35)

1. Handlebar, Horseshoe, Pencil, Dali, toothbrush are all types of what?
A. Paintbrush
B. Moustache
C. Cutlery
D. Computer gadget

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Ans. B. Moustache

2. Which of these is a Goan dessert?
A. Bebinca
B. Xacuti
C. Vindaloo
D. Sorpotel

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Ans. A. Bebinca

3. From which country does Pope Francis hail?
A. Italy
B. Spain
C. France
D. Argentina

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Ans. D. Argentina

4. In architecture, to describe what would you be most likely to use words like Ionic, Corinthian and Doric?
A. Stones
B. Columns
C. Floors
D. Windows

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Ans. B. Columns

5. With which festival is “bhang thandai” traditionally associated?
A. Pongal
B. Diwali
C. Christmas
D. Holi

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Ans. D. Holi

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