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KBC-13 Student Special Episode-14 Questions in English

Here are published KBC-13 Student Special questions and answers of episode-14 in English all KBC-13 episode questions have already been asked in the KBC serial.

Kbc Season 13 Student Questions (Episode-14)

1. Ryan Kaji, one of the highest paid Youtubers in the world in 2020, is known for reviewing what kind of products?
A. Comics
B. Toys
C. Sneakers
D. Ice-Cream

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Ans. B. Toys

2. Acoustics is the study of what?
A. Pressure
B. Words
C. Weaponry
D. Sound

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Ans. D. Sound

3. Which of these terms describes the professions of Charles Frances Richter?
A. Anthropologist
B. Seismologist
C. Petrologist
D. Hydrologist

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Ans. B. Seismologist

4. Which is the biggest glacier in the world, located in Antarctica?
A. Chenega
B. Lambert
C. Darwin
D. Furtwangler

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Ans. B. Lambert

5. According to the Matsya Purana, from whom did Kacha, the son of Devguru Brihaspati, get the mritsanjeevini vidya, the knowledge of bringing a dead person back to life?
A. Rishi Angiras
B. Lord Shankar
C. Rishi Shukracharya
D. Rishi Parashurama

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Ans. C. Rishi Shukracharya

6. Which of these pairs of Union Territories and their state animals is incorrect?
A. Delhi – Nilgai
B. Ladakh – Snow leopard
C. Puducherry – Indian elephant
D. Jammu and Kashmir – Hangul
Ans : C. Puducherry – Indian elephant[/su_spoiler]

7. Who among the following became the prime minister of India first, before the other three?
A. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
B. Lal Bahadur Shastri
C. Manmohan Singh
D. Indira Gandhi

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Ans. B. Lal Bahadur Shastri

8. The value of the number mentioned in which of these movie titles is the highest?
A. Zero
B. Tees Maar Khan
C. Dhoom 2
D. Chachi 420

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Ans. D. Chachi 420

9. You might get infected with malaria if you are bitten by which of these?
A. Cockroach
B. Mosquito
C. Spider
D. Ant

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Ans. B. Mosquito

10. With which animal is the moral “slow and steady wins the race”, used in a popular story, associated?
A. Frog
B. Tortoise
C. Tiger
D. Fox

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Ans. B. Tortoise

11. If you were using a magnet, which of the following things in your house would the magnet get attracted to?
A. Leather bag
B. Iron nail
C. Wooden table
D. Plastic chair

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Ans. B. Iron nail

12. According to a popular cartoon series, who among these is the enemy of Tom, the cat?
A. Daffy
B. Jerry
C. Mickey
D. Speedy

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Ans. B. Jerry

13. In which of these films did Shah Rukh Khan play a music teacher?
A. Chak De! India
B. Mohabbatein
D. Chennai Express

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Ans. B. Mohabbatein

14. How many shoe racks would you need to fit in 45 pairs of shoes, if there is room for 8 pairs in each rack?
A. 6
B. 4
C. 3
D. 7

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Ans. A. 6

15. The national flag of which of these countries does not have the colour blue in it?
A. India
B. Nepal
C. New Zealand
D. Bangladesh

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Ans. D. Bangladesh

16. Which of these words would best describe this eminent Indian personality?
A. Politician
B. Doctor
C. Author
D. Scientist

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Ans. C. Author

17. Terekhol river marks the boundary of Maharashtra with which of these states?
A. Gujarat
B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Chhattisgarh
D. Goa

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Ans. A. Gujarat

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