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KBC-9 Episode-19 Questions and Answers

Here is kbc-9 questions and answers of episode-19, all kbc-9 episode-19 quiz has already asked in kbc-9 episode by Amitabh Bachchan.

Kbc Season 9 Questions (Episode-19)

Which of these festivals usually falls 8 days after Rakshabandhan?
[A] Janmashtami
[B] Vat Savitri
[C] Dussera
[D] Sharad Purnima

Ans. Janmashtami

Which sporting event, held every 4 years, is also called ‘Asiad’?
[A] Asian Athletics Championships
[B] South Asian Games
[C] Asian Indoor Games
[D] Asian Games

Ans. Asian Games

The airport of which Indian city is named after Raja Bhoj of the Parmara dynasty?
[A] Ranchi
[B] Bhubaneshwar
[C] Udaipur
[D] Bhopal

Ans. Bhopal

Which of these Government programmes is aimed at immunizing children and pregnant women against preventable diseases?
[A] Mission Indradhanush
[B] Jeevan Jyoti Yojana
[C] Baal Raksha Yojana
[D] Youth Skill Development

Ans. Mission Indradhanush

Which one of these is an avatar of Lord Vishnu who once lifted the Earth with his tusk?
[A] Vamana
[B] Narasimha
[C] Varaha
[D] Airavata

Ans. Varaha

What is the name of Indian Navy’s aircraft carrier which was decommissioned after 30 years of service in March 2017?
[A] INS Vikramaditya
[B] INS Viraat
[C] INS Vikrant
[D] INS Ranvijay

Ans. INS Viraat

Which of these fruits gets its English name from an Arabic word which can be translated as ‘dates from India’ ?
[A] Tamarind
[B] Coconut
[C] Carambola
[D] Jujube

Ans. Tamarind

Which country did Narendra Modi visit on his first ever foreign tour as prime minister?
[A] Japan
[B] Bhutan
[C] Afghanistan
[D] Nepal

Ans. Bhutan

In 2017, Captain Anny Divya became the world’s youngest woman commander to fly which aircraft?
[A] Boeing 777
[B] Airbus A380
[C] Antonov An- 32
[D] Airlander 10

Ans. Boeing 777

Starting with the earliest, arrange these stages of a student’s life in correct order
[A] Primary school
[B] Secondary school
[C] Bachelor’s course
[D] Kindergarten


Which of these movies does not contain the name of any food ingredient in its title?
[A] Namak Halaal
[B] Gulaal
[C] Cheeni Kum
[D] Garam Masala

Ans. Gulaal

Which of these idoms means to cause trouble or bother?
[A] Naak mein dam karna
[B] Naak kaatna
[C] Naak par gussa hona
[D] Naak ragadna

Ans. Naak mein dam karna