Definition of Pascal’s law GK

  • If gravitational attraction is negligible in equilibrium condition, (approx) pressure is same at all points in a liquid.
  • The pressure exerted anywhere at a point of confined liquid is transmitted equally and undiminished in all directions throughout the liquid.
  • Hydraulic lift, hydraulic press and hydraulic brakes are based on the Pascal’s law of pressue.

 Archimedes’ Principle

When a body is immersed partly or wholly in a liquid, there is an apparent loss in the weight of the body, which is equal to the wright of liquid displaced by the body.

  • The weight of water displaced by an iron ball is less than its own weight whereas water displaced by the impressed portion of a ship is equal to its weight, So, small ball of iron ball sink in water, but large ship float.
  • A fat person will quickly learn the swimming as compared to a slim person because he will displace more water, So, he will be more balanced.
  • Hydrogen filled balloon float in air because hydrogen is lighter than air.
  • A person can lift more weight in water.
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