SET 9 – Reasoning Questions and Answers

SET 9 – Reasoning Quiz for Every Competitive Exams GS Team published here most important Reasoning Questions and Answers in english for Every competitive exams like SBI, RRB, Railway, Police, Clerk, Bank IBPS and more. These questions and answers will be helpful for crack all competitive exams.

SET 9 – Reasoning Questions and Answers (Quiz) for Competitive Exams

Q1. Pointing to a woman, Simon said, “She is the daughter of my father’s only sister”. How is the woman related to Simon?
A. Sister
B. Sister sister
C. Aunt
D. Mother

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Answer: B. Fuferi Sister

Q2. Choose the odd word from the following words?
A. Crux
B. Dhruvatara
C. Phoenix
D. Nike

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Answer: D. nike

Q3. Who will be the sister of A’s mother’s sister’s son’s sister?
A. Aunt
B. Cousin brother
C. Niece
D. Mouserie Sister

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Answer: D. Mauseri Sister

Q4. Both X and Y are children, if Z is the father of X but Y is not the son of Z, then what is the relation between Y and Z?
A. niece and uncle
Niece and uncle
C. daughter and father
D. Sister and brother

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Answer: C. daughter and father

Q5. The son of an older person is my son’s uncle. Tell me, how is the only son of my mother’s only daughter related to that old man?
B. Grandson
C. Uncle
D. None of these

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Answer: A. Granddaughter

Q6. Choose the odd word from the following words?
A. Lake
B. Well
C. Ocean
D. Tank

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Answer: D. Tanks

Q7. Money: Abuse:: Writing:?
A. Stealing
B. Plagiarism
C. Inaccuracy
D. Cheating

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Answer: B. Plagiarism

Q8. If the tenth date of a month falls three days before Sunday, then on which day will the second date fall?
A. Thursday
B. Friday
C. Wednesday
D. Tuesday

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Answer: C. Wednesday

Q9. Newspaper: Reader:: Bread:?
A. Buyer
B. Consumer
C. Wheat
D. Baker

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Answer: B. Consumer

Q10. How many meaningful words can be formed from the letter UTB using each letter only once in each word?
A. Three
B. Give
C. One
D. none

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Answer: B. Two

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