SET 8 – Reasoning Questions and Answers

SET 8 – Reasoning Quiz for Every Competitive Exams GS Team published here most important Reasoning Questions and Answers in english for Every competitive exams like SBI, RRB, Railway, Police, Clerk, Bank IBPS and more. These questions and answers will be helpful for crack all competitive exams.

SET 8 – Reasoning Questions and Answers (Quiz) for Competitive Exams

Q1. * From the following options, select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word.

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Answer: D. ANALOGY

Q2. “Back” is related to currency in the same way; Like “transport” relationship ….?
A. is at speed
B. is from goods
C. is from the road
D. is from traffic

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Answer: B. is from goods

Q3. * If HOUSE FQSUC. Can be written, then how to write to CHAIR? *

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Answer: 4) AJYKP

Q4. Look at these links.
36,34,30,28,24, (…) Which should be the next number.
A. 19
B. 22
C. 33
D. 44

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Answer: B. 22

Q5. * If P means ÷, Q means x, R means + and S means – then what is the value of 18Q12P4R5S6? *
A. 59
B. 53
C. 91
D. 33

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Answer: B. 53

Q6. * If 4 + 3 = 25 and 8 + 4 = 80, then 3 + 2 =? *
A. 56
B. 22
C. 13
D. 33

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Answer: C. 13

Q7. * Ramesh walked 2 kilometers north, then he turned right and walked 1 kilometer, then he turned right and walked 2 kilometers. Now in which direction is his face *
A. West
B. Answer
C. South
D. East

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Answer: C. South

Q8. * In the following question one or two statements are given, after which two conclusions / assumptions, I and II have been drawn. You have to consider whether the statement is true even if it seems to be different from the usual terms. You have to decide which of the given statements can definitely be given the correct conclusions / assumptions? *
* Statement: The reason for failure in the examination is irregularity. Some regular students fail in the examinations. *

* Conclusion: I. All the failing students are regular. *
* II. Not all successful students are regulars. *

A. Both I and II are true.
B. Only conclusion I follows.
C. Only conclusion II is correct.
D. Neither I nor II follows.

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Answer: D. Neither I nor II conclusion is correct.

Q9. 1,5,14,30,55,91, …?
A. 220
B. 140
C. 225
D. 156

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Answer: B. 140

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