SET 14 – General Science Questions and Answers

SET 14 – General Science Questions with Answers – In this section very important science related gk questions and answers have been published Here the students are studying and preparing for various competitive exams.

SET 14 – General Science GK Quiz for Competitive Examination

Q1. Which one of the following is NOT an ex­officio member of Pharmacy Council of India?
A. The Director General of Health Services
B. The Director of Central Drugs Laboratory
C. The Drugs Controller General of India
D. The Director of Pharmacopoeia Laboratory

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Answer: The Director of Pharmacopoeia Laboratory

Q2. Nitrites are oxidized to nitrates by a microorganism:
A. Nitrosomonas
B. Nitrosococcus
C. Nitrobacter
D. Azatobacter

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Answer: Nitrobacter

Q3. Select the non­narcotic drug, which is a paraaminophenol derivative:
A. Analgin
B. Aspirin
C. Baclophen
D. Paracetamol

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Answer: Paracetamol

Q4. Amended Indian patent act 1970 is affected from:
A. 2005
B. 2006
C. 2007
D. 2008

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Answer: 2005

Q5. Which one of the following is used as a detector in IR?
A. Photomultiplier
B. Gole Cell
C. Both of the above
D. None of these

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Answer: Gole Cell

Q6. Amount of blood passes through the Kidneys per minute is:
A. 5 ml
B. 100 liter
C. 1.2 liter
D. 5 liter

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Answer: 1.2 liter

Q7. DTAB stands for:
A. Drug technical advisory board
B. Drug technical assisment board
C. Dosage technical assisment board
D. Dosage technical advisory board

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Answer: Drug technical advisory board

Q8. Primaquine an antimalarial drug is synthesized starting from:
A. Phenol
B. Anisole
C. Hexamine
D. Pentamine

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Answer: Phenol

Q9. Self­replicating, small circular DNA molecules present in bacterial cell are known
A. Plasmids
B. Cosmids
C. Plasmomeros
D. Plastids

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Answer: Plasmids

Q10. In TLC, Fluorescent Indicator is:
A. Zinc Silicate
B. Zinc Stearate
C. Zinc Sulphate
D. None of these

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Answer: Zinc Silicate

Q11. Which of the following opioid receptor types is responsible for euphoria and respiratory depression?
A. Kappa­receptors
B. Delta­receptors
C. Mu­receptors
D. All of the above

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Answer: Mu­receptors

Q12. OTC in the drug selling means:
A. One time clinic
B. Over the counter drug
C. Inspecting drug
D. Priscription drug

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Answer: Over the counter drug

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