SET 7 – General Science Questions and Answers

SET 7 – General Science Questions with Answers – In this section very important science related gk questions and answers have been published Here the students are studying and preparing for various competitive exams. Can do Based on the Science Quiz Set published here, there are about ten questions and answers in which you can read the quiz of all science subjects. These All Science Quiz is an important for SSC, UPSC, Railway, Bank, IBPS Examination.

SET 7 – General Science GK Quiz for Competitive Examination

Question 1. Ratodhi disease is caused by deficiency of which vitamin?
1. Vitamin – B12
2. Vitamin D
3. Vitamin – A45
4. Vitamin – A

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Answer: Vitamin - A

Question 2. Which is the smallest bone inside the body
1. Spine
2. femur of thigh
3. Step’s Ear
4. Hand of

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Answer: Step's ear

Question 3. Which of the following vitamins contains cobalt?
1. Vitamin – B12
2. Vitamin D
3. Vitamin – A45
4. Vitamin C

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Answer: Vitamin - B12

Question 4. Which of the following leads to artificial rainfall?
1. Causes of Silver Iodide
2. Causes of Sodium
3. Causes of Sulfate
4. None of these

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Answer: Due to silver iodide

Question 5. Which part of the body produces Vitamin D?
1. Eye
2. ear
3. Our Skin
4. Hair

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Answer: our skin

Question 6. Who among the following had discovered the rabies vaccine?
1. Louis Pasteur
B Jamees Vadg
3. Egg frozen
4. None of these

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Answer: Louis Pasteur

Question 7. In which of the following diseases Salk vaccine is given?
1. TB
2. polio
4. Khasi

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Answer: Polio

Question 8. What effect does the speed of sound have on increasing temperature?
1. Decreases
2. increases
C. Is normal?
4. not sure

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Answer: increases

Question 9. Which part of the body is affected by Typhoid’s disease?
1. Eye
2. nose
3. ear
4. intestine

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Answer: gut

Question 10. If we look at the sky from the moon, what will it look like?
1. Blue
2. yellow
3. Black
4. Green

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Answer: Black
Q6. A simple pendulum consists of a small metallic ball. This ball is called_____.
A. Gong
B. Bob
C. Fork
D. Rod
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Answer: Bob

Q7. Identify the natural indicator.
A. Methyl orange
B. Phenolphthalein
C. China rose
D. Methyl blue

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Answer: China rose

Q8. When an iron nail is put in copper sulphate solution, the colour of the solution turns green. This is because_________.
A. Iron sulphate is formed
B. Copper is deposited
C. Impurities are present in iron
D. Iron is formed

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Answer: Iron sulphate is formed

Q9. If the pH of a soil sample is 4, which of the following substance can be added to help the growth of plants?
A. Calcium chloride
B. Calcium oxide
C. Urea
D. Organic matter

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Answer: Calcium oxide

Q10. The finger like projections called villi, present in the small intestine, help in the process of ________.
A. Egestion
B. Digestion
C. Absorption
D. Assimilation

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Answer: Absorption

Q11. Pick the INCORRECT statement.
A. Warm air is lighter than cold air.
B. Air expands on heating.
C. Smoke always rises up.
D. When warm air rises up, pressure in that region increases.

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Answer: When warm air rises up, pressure in that region increases.

Q12. The ISI mark on an electrical appliance ensures that the _______.
A. Appliance is safe
B. Appliance is new
C. Appliance is safe and wastage of energy is minimum
D. Wastage of energy is minimum

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Answer: Appliance is safe and wastage of energy is minimum

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