SET 8 – Sports Questions and Answers

Sports General Knowledge Set-8 Here we published General Knowledge Questions and Answers of Sports. Sports Set-8 Questions with Answers will be helpful for you in the upcoming competitive exams.

Set-8 Sports GK Quiz for Competitive Exams

Q1. Who has been appointed as the President of South Asian Wrestling Federation (SAWF)?
1. Rajmohan Ansari
2. Brij Bhushan Singh
3. Rajesh Singh
4. Tabir Rahman

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Answer: Braj Bhushan Singh

Q2. What is the distance in half marathon?
1. 21 km
2. 34 km
3. 23 km
4. 15 km

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Answer: 21 km

Q3. Which country has won a gold medal in its first Wushu World Championship?
1. South
2. Australia
3. Africa
4. India

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Answer: India

Q4. Who among the following is an Olympic medalist?
1. Mahesh Bhupathi
2. PT Usha
3. Sania Mirza
4. Saina Nehwal

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Answer: Saina Nehwal

Q5. Which of these cities will host the South Asian Boxing Championship in December?
1. Guwahati
2. Tinsukia
3. Dibrugarh
4. Jorhat

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Answer: Guwahati

Q6. Which country boycotted the Olympic Games held in Moscow in 1980?
1. China
2. South Korea
3. USA
4. Great Britain

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Answer: USA

Q7. Which country is ranked first in the International Cricket Council ICC (ODI) rankings?
1. Australia
2. India
3. South Africa
4. Sri Lanka

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Answer: India

Q8. Which player has won the Makava Squash Open in the women’s category?
1. Deepika Pallikal
2. Joshna Chinappa
3. Rachel Grinhetto
4. None of these

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Answer: Deepika Pallikal

Q9. Which country will host the 8th edition of FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019?
1. Germany
2. China
3. Russia
4. France

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Answer: France

Q10. Who has won the 2016 Women’s Singles Wimbledon Championship?
1. Andy Murray
2. Serena Williams
3. Simona Halep
4. Angelique Kerber

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Answer: Serena Williams

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