List of Synonyms and Antonyms of “A” Words

Abandondesert, leave, quit, forge, renounce, surrendercontinue, keep, pursue
Abolishcancel, nullify, annul, invalidate, negate, set asideestablish, set up, found
Abrupthurried, sudden, blunt, curt, brief, brusquesmooth, gradual, courteous
Accomplishachieve, attain, gain, reach, realize, fulfillfail, forsake, give up
Abstracthypothetical, theoretic, academic, speculative, ideal, abstruseconcrete, definite, factual
Absurdfoolish, idiotic, silly, insane, nonsensical, moroniclogical, reasonable, rational
Abundantample, generous, heavy, bountiful, plentiful, substantialrare, tight, scarce
Acceleratehasten, hurry, quicken, hustle, expedite, speed updecelerate, retard, slow down
Accumulateaggregate, amass, collect, garner, gather, pile updisperse, scatter, dissipate
Accuracycorrectness, exactness, truth, veracity, precision, rightnessinaccuracy, error, anomaly
Accusearraign, charge, indict, denounce, incriminate, allegeabsolve, defend, exonerate
Acquiregain, get, procure, obtain, secure, winforfeit, forgo, relinquish
Acutecritical, crucial, piercing, sharp, incisive, shrilldim, dull, obtuse
Adequateenough, satisfactory, sufficient, comfortable, average, decentdeficient, wanting, insufficient
Admireappreciate, praise, value, respect, like, regardblame, condemn, disapprove
Adoptaffirm, approve, confirm, sanction, pass, ratifydisclaim, disowm, spurn
Adventurousbold, daredevil, daring, enterprising, dangerous, riskycautious, safe, timid
Adversitymisfortune, unluckiness, haplessness, affliction, hardship, botherfortune, happiness, prosperity
Affectionliking, love, attachment, fondness, sentiment, loyaltyenmity, dislike, hatred
Aggregateamount, sum, total, totality, entirety, grossindividual, separate, single
Aggressivehostile, militant, combative, contentious, belligerent, attackingcomplaisant, laid back, easy-going
Agreeaccept, tally, nod, consent, accede, concurdiffer, contradict, disagree
Alertobservant, vigilant, watchful, keen, witted, waryinattentive, asleep, drowsy
Alliancecoalition, league, union, group, association, confederationdiscord, hostility, antagonism
Alonelonely, single, isolated, apart, solitary, detachedtogether, accompanied, escorted
Amazingastonishing, fantastic, fabulous, incredible, marvelous, wonderfulaverage, ordinary, commonplace
Ambitiousaspiring, desirous, emulous, eager, longing, ardentsatisfied, content, unassuming
Amendcorrect, improve, rectify, redress, revamp, ameliorateblemish, impair, worsen
Amplifyboost, enlarge, expand, increase, magnify, developlessen, summarize, compress
Amuserecreate, regale, divert, delight, please, entertainannoy, fatigue, bore
Ancientold, archaic, outdated, obsolete, primalmodern, new, young
Anonymousnameless, unnamed, unsigned, unidentified, mysterious, shadowynamed, known, identified
Anxietynervousness, distress, unease, concern, worryassurance, composure, quietude
Appealingtempting, interesting, alluring, engaging, fascinating, charmingdisagreeable, unappealing, off-putting
Appreciatevalue, admire, welcome, cherish, escalate, recognizecondemn, disregard, disapprove
Apprenticelearner, intern, novice, beginner, student, traineementor, teacher, experienced
Approveaccept, support, ratify, recognize, endorse, likedeplore, censure, disallow
Arrogancehaughtiness, insolence, egotism, conceit, superciliousness, pridehumility, servility, meekness
Artificialsynthetic, unnatural, false, fake, deceptive, shamreal, genuine, natural
Ascendrise, amount, climb, increase, spring, mountdescend, lower, decline
Assisthelp, aid, support, abet, relieve, backhinder, oppose, thwart
Assurancepromise, certainly, guarantee, belief, pledge, warrantuncertainly, doubt, hesitancy
Astonishingsurprising, amazing, astounding, fabulous, incredible, marvelousdull, boring, unimpressive
Attainachieve, accomplish, gain, reach, gain, get, realizedesert, forfeit, surrender
Attentiveintent, heedful, considerate, regardless, responsive, conscientiousheedless, inattentive, neglectful
Attractappeal, draw, entice, allure, fascinaterepel, repulse, deter
Auspiciousopportune, propitious, favourable, timely, benign, fortunatehopeless, unluckily, ill-fated
Authenticcredible, genuine, trustworthy, valid, real, originalfake, counterfeit, unreal
Autonomousfree, independent, sovereign, separate, self-governing, unrestraineddependent, subject, bound
Averagecommon, acceptable, moderate, usual, typical, ordinaryoutstanding, exceptional, unusual
Avoidescape, shun, evade, elude, duck, dodgeface, seek, want
Awakeconscious, aware, alert, stirring, roused, wakefulunconscious, asleep, lull
Awarealive, awake, alert, stirring, roused, wakefulignorant, unaware, insensitive
Awfuldreadful, shocking, horrible, terrible, ghastly, appallingcharming, pleasing, beautiful
Awkwardclumsy, graceless, inept, cumbersome, inelegantdexterous, adept, skillful