List of Synonyms and Antonyms of “B” Words

Words Synonyms Antonyms
Baffle amaze, confuse, puzzle, rattle, stun, astound enlighten, explain, clarify
Ban boycott, prohibition, restriction, censorship, embargo, suppression allowance, permission, approval
Bankrupt insolvent, penniless, ruined, destitute, broken, impoverished, solvent, prosperous, wealthy solvent, prosperous, wealthy
Barbarous brutal, cruel, ferocious, monstrous, ruthless, uncivilized polite, refined, sophisticated
Beat bang, bash, batter, cane, castigate, drub aid, assist, help
Beneath below, underneath, under, down, unworthy, covered up, overhead, above
Benevolent benign, caring, chivalrous, considerate, humane, generous malevolent, mean, spiteful
Beneficent charitable, kind, helpful, generous, compassionate malicious, misanthropic, uncharitable
Betray deceive, delude, forsake, abandon, break faith, cross defend, protect, support
Bewilder baffle, confuse, daze, muddle, mystify, perplex enlighten, illuminate, explain
Biased discriminating, favoring, partial, prejudiced, unfair, unjust fair, impartial, judicious
Bind attach, affix, annex, rivet, secure, append detach, break, free
Bland boring, dull, flat, insipid, unexciting, monotonous delicious, distinctive, sharp
Blend combine, mix, brew, concoct, fuse, instill, mingle separate, disintegrate, dissociate
Block bar, impede, obstruct, choke, clog, congest open, clear, release
Bloom blossom, flower, flourish, grow, succeed, thrive shrink, fail, wither
Blunt dull, abrupt, curt, gruff, short, brusque pointed, sharp, polite
Boast brag, praise, crow, exult, vaunt, prate deprecate, be modest, be quiet
Bothersome annoying, irksome, troubling, irritating, vexatious, provoking convenient, helpful, smooth
Boundless endless, limitless, unlimited, infinite, immeasurable, plenty limited, restricted, less
Brisk agile, quick, dynamic, energetic, lively, vigorous slow, sluggish, dull
Bombastic flowery, showy, overblown, rhetorical, grandiloquent, sonorous humble, restrained, reserved
Broadminded liberal, progressive, open, tolerant, flexible, radical orthodox, conservative, narrow-minded
Bulky massive, big, over-sized, heavy, hefty, huge small, thin, tiny
Bully intimidate, menace, threaten, browbeat, bludgeon, cow support, ease, assuage