List of Synonyms and Antonyms of “D” Words

Deadlyfatal, lethal, mortal, ghastly, malignant, banefulnonfatal, harmless, lively
Declinerefuse, reject, dismiss, fall, deteriorate, descendincrease, rise
Deficientdefective, incomplete, lacking, wanting, inadequate, scarceflawless, adequate, sufficient
Dejecteddepressed, down, gloomy, desolate, melancholic, sadcheerful, happy, joyous
Delicateelegant, exquisite, fine, feeble, fragile, sensitivecoarse, harsh, robust
Delightpleasure, joy, cheer, exult, rejoice, gladden, gratifytrouble, sadden, dismay
Demolishdestroy, destruct, raze, shatter, wreck, smashbuild, repair, restore
Denycontradict, negate, disallow, reject, refuse, repudiateadmit, allow, confess
Departexit, leave, retire, drop, demise, deviatearrive, come, enter
Depresseddejected, desolate, gloomy, sad, melancholic, deprivedelated, exalted, happy
Deprivedispossess, divest, rob, strip, disinherit, bereavebestow, endow, confer
Despairanguish, dejection, melancholy, misery, sorrow, despondencyjoy, cheerfulness, happiness
Detachedisolated, solitary, indifferent, apathetic, nonchalant, unruffledattached, combined, involved
Detaindelay, retard, hold, lag, confine, imprisonliberate, release, free
Deterioratedecline, worsen, languish, degenerate, putrefy, spoilimprove, strengthen, better
Devastateravage, waste, plunder, smash, pillage, razebuild, construct, enrich
Diligentassiduous, industrious, studious, earnest, attentivelanguid, lazy, lethargic
Diminishabate, decrease, dwindle, lessen, rebate, reduceexpand, prolong, extend
Dinclamor, hubbub, noise, pandemonium, tumult, uproarcalm, peace, quiet
Diplomaticdiscreet, sensitive, repellent, abhorrent, repugnant, shabbypleasant, delightful, inviting
Discarddispose, jettison, abdicate, eliminate, expel, banishembrace, retain, keep
Disclosebare, show, unveil, convey, transmit, impartconceal, hide, withhold
Disgustinghorrid, repulsive, repellent, abhorrent, repugnant, shabbypleasant, delightful, inviting
Dispersedissipate, scatter, diffuse, disseminate, spread, strewassemble, collect, garner
Disruptdisturb, unsettle, upset, disarray, disorganize, derangearrange, organize, reassure
Distantfar, faraway, remote, offish, reticent, solitaryadjacent, close, neighbouring
Distinctclear, sharp, pronounced, visible, manifest, unambiguousfuzzy, hazy, vague
Distinguishedeminent, famed, noted, prominent, celebrated, renownedobscure, unimportant, inferior
Distractdisturb, flurry, fluster, perturb, ruffle, unsettleappease, reassure, pacify
Docilegentle, meek, amenable, compliant, submissive, mildinflexible, obstinate, stubborn
Doldrumsdejection, depression, blues, gloom, melancholy, mournfulnesselation, glee, joy
Dominantcommanding, governing, ruling, authoritative, prevailing, masterfulhumble, modest, reserved
Downfalldescent, collapse, fall, bane, ruination, undoingascent, rise, success
Drasticdire, radical, strong, forceful, harsh, exorbitantcal, easy, superficial
Dreadfulappalling, direful, fearful, frightful, horrendous, ghastlypleasant, wonderful, inoffensive
Drubbingbeating, defeat, thrashing, rout, vanquishment, whippingaid, assistance, protection
Drowsydozy, sleepy, slumberous, somnolent, soporific, noddingalert, awake, lively
Dubiousdoubtful, skeptical, uncertain, ambiguous, chancy, questionablecertain, reliable, trustworthy
Dumbinarticulate, mute, silent, stupid, mute, dimwittedarticulate, vocal, smart
Dupedeceive, beguile, misguide, cross, fool, trickguide, lead, advise