List of Synonyms and Antonyms of “E” Words


Word Synonyms Antonyms
Ebb abatement, let-up, wane, dwindling, drop, slackening incline, increase, rise
Efficacy effect, potency, competence, influence, strength, power inefficiency, unproductive, uselessness
Elegant graceful, exquisite, delicate, fine, stylish, pleasing crude, unrefined, rough
Elongate extend, lengthen, prolong, stretch, spin, increase contract, shorten
Eminent celebrated, established, illustrious, notable, famed, prominent unremarkable, lowly, unknown
Emit release, vent, let out, let off, project, radiate contain, repress, withhold
Enhance aggravate, heighten, intensify, boost, plug, embellish lower, minimize, reduce
Enormous giant, herculean, immense, mammoth, massive, stupendous tiny, insignificant, minute
Erase delete, efface, abolish, extinguish, expunge, obliterate add, insert, create
Erratic devious, inconsistent, spotty, capricious, temperamental, volatile regular, steady, consistent
Essential basic, fundamental, vital, integral, elementary, requisite auxiliary, subsidiary, secondary
Eternal everlasting, infinite, incessant, perpetual, relentless, immortal brief, ephemeral, transient
Evident apparent, obvious, noticeable, pronounced, visible, manifest obscure, vague, uncertain
Exaggerate inflate, magnify, overstate, hyperbolize, boast, emphasize play down, understate, depreciate
Excel outshine, surpass, outdo, exceed, transcend, better fail, lose, fall, behind
Excessive exorbitant, boundless, extreme, immoderate, extravagant, profligate moderate, reasonable, insufficient
Exclude eliminate, debar, except, rule out, omit accept, include, allow
Excuse condone, remit, absolve, spare, relieve, discharge blame, incriminate, condemn
Execute perform, exercise, implement, effectuate, administer fore go, mismanage, neglect
Exemplary admirable, commendable, meritorious, worthy, praiseworthy contemptible, repugnant, loathsome
Exhaustive intensive, thorough, complete, extensive, profound, radical exclusive, incomplete, deficient
Expel banish, deport, exile, ostracize, dismiss, eject allow, keep, welcome
Expensive costly, dear, high, exorbitant, over-priced, lavish cheap, inexpensive, moderate
Exile banishment, deportation, expatriation, extradition, ostracism, transportation import, arrival, entrance
Extend expand, outstretch, prolong, unfold, protract, broaden contract, curtail, shorten
Extensive large-scale, spacious, considerable, sweeping, far-reaching, expansive narrow, restricted, limited
Extinct dead, defunct, lifeless, departed, vanished, lost alive, extant, existing
Extinguish douse, quench, annihilate, abolish, quash, obliterate light, enact, establish
Extravagant lavish, prodigal, exorbitant, spendthrift, opulent, profuse stingy, thrifty, economical
Extrovert gregarious, outgoing, communicative, unreserved, boisterous, loud introvert, reserved, quiet