List of Synonyms and Antonyms of “F” Words


Fabricatedevise, formulate, concoct, assemble, mold, fakedestroy, ruin, wreck
Fabulosamazing, astounding, phenomenal, legendary, splendid, terrificordinary, simple, common
Facilitateease, expedite, aid, promote, further, speed upblock, detain, hinder
Fairattractive, gorgeous, pretty, auspicious, benign, unbiasedpartial, unjust, ugly
Faithfulallegiant, loyal, trustworthy, credible, rigorous, precisedishonest, unreliable, treacherous
Fakebogus, counterfeit, fraudulent, phony, spurious, shamgenuine, original, true
Familiarversed, acquainted, conversant, friendly, rude, brashforeign, strange, unremarkable
Fascinatebeguile, bewitch, captivate, charm, enchant, enthrallbore, disenchant, repel
Fataldeadly, lethal, mortal, vital, disastrous, criticalnourishing, helpful, harmless
Ferociousbarbarous, cruel, fierce, savage, vicious, truculentgentle, mild, tender
Fictitiousfanciful, invented, made-up, artificial, assumed, fabricatedactual, factual, sterile
Filthydirty, soiled, foul, abhorrent, detestable, rottenclean, pure, sterile
Finitedefinite, limited, precise, restricted, specific, exactendless, infinite, unlimited
Flatteradulate, enhance, praise, blandish, butter up, slaverbelittle, castigate, condemn
Flawblemish, defect, bug, imperfection, shortcoming, faultperfection, strength, fine point
Flexibleductile, malleable, pliable, resilient, adaptable, supplerigid, stiff, unyielding
Flourishbloom, thrive, prosper, flower, shine, brandishlanguish, stunt, hinder
Fluctuatealter, oscillate, swing, waver, shift, veerpersist, hold, stay
Fluenteasy, effortless, flowing, fluid, graceful, smoothuneven, intermittent, irregular
Foehostile, enemy, nemesis, adversary, antagonist, rivalfriend, ally, protagonist
Foulatrocious, disgusting, horrid, fetid, filthy, ribaldflagrant, pure, pleasing
Frankcandid, forthright, horrid, fetid, filthy, ribaldsecretive, evasive, divisive
Fraudcheat, swindle, charlatan, impostor, phony, fakehonest, ethical, forthright
Fundamentalbasic, elementary, essential, rudiment, root, axiomextra, trivial, unimportant
Futilebarren, useless, vain, fruitless, unsuccessful, unprofitableuseful, productive, fertile