List of Synonyms and Antonyms of “G” Words

Gainacquire, procure, secure, accomplish, attain, realizeforfeit, lose, waste
Galafestive, joyous, merry, jovial, convivial, festalgloomy, somber, depressed
Gallantaudacious, dauntless, heroic, plucky, valiant, mettlesomecowardly, timid, afraid
Generouslavish, liberal, magnanimous, bountiful, copious, substantialmean, miserly, stingy
Geniusbrilliance, aptitude, flair, knack, talent, bentinability, incapacity, weakness
Gentlemild, tender, delicate, faint, moderate, slightcrude, rough, violent
Genuineauthentic, real, unquestionable, sincere, unfeigned, heartycounterfeit, illegitimate, sham
Giganticbahemoth, colossal, enormous, immense, massive, mightyminiature, miniscule, tiny
Gloomycheerless, bleak, dismal, morose, sullen, melancholiccheerful, sunny, bright
Glorifyexalt, acclaim, eulogize, laud, praise, extolcastigate, condemn, criticize
Gorgeousravishing, stunning, glorious, magnificent, splendid, attractivehomely, ugly, ordinary
Graciousaffable, hospitable, courtly, amiable, compassionate, cordialnasty, mean, rude
Grantaccord, award, concede, give, vouchsafe, conferforfeit, lose, refuse
Gratefulappreciative, thankful, congenial, agreeable, gratifying, welcomethankless, heedless, critical
Griefsorrow, anguish, despair, heartbreak, distress, gloomdelight, exhilaration, ecstasy
Guiltyculpable, blameworthy, censured, damned, condemned, doomedblameless, truthful, innocent