List of Synonyms and Antonyms of “H” Words

Haphazardindiscriminate, unplanned, random, arbitrary, casual, incidentalsystematic, organized, planned
Harassbeset, hound, annoy, plague, pester, tormentaid, facilities, support
Hardshipasperity, difficulty, adversity, affliction, catastrophe, distressbenefit, assistance, ease
Harmonyaccord, agreement, conformity, congruence, rapport, symmetrydisagreement, discord, clash
Harshcoarse, jagged, rugged, hoarse, jarring, acerbicmild, pleasing, soft
Hatefulmalicious, malevolent, malignant, nasty, spiteful, viciousamiable, harmless, loving
Hazardousdangerous, jeopardous, perilous, treacherous, chancy, riskyguarded, safe, secure
Hoaxcon, deceit, fake, fraud, gimmick, prankfrankness, openness, uprightness
Homelyplain, unattractive, uncomely, simple, ordinary, comfortableattractive, modern, charming
Homogenousakin, alike, analogous, identical, uniform, similarheterogeneous, varied, discrete
Horrifichorrible, horrid, terrible, awful, dreadful, beastlycomforting, reassuring, satisfying
Hostilebelligerent, combative, contentious, pugnaciousagreeable, friendly, gentle
Humorousamusing, comic, jocular, witty, facetious, funnymorose, sad, tragic
Hurdlebar, barrier, block, clog, hamper, impedimentfurtherance, assistance, help