List of Synonyms and Antonyms of “J” “K” “L” Words

J Word Synonyms and Antonyms

Words Synonyms Antonyms
Jade wear, fatigue, drain, tire, down, enervate amuse, excite, exhilarate
Jarring rasping, agitating, harsh, raspy, raucous, strident subdued, soft, quiet
Jocular comedic, facetious, funny, witty, frolicsome morose, serious, grave
Jolt bump, collision, smash, shock, crash, blow luck, fortune, expected
Jovial blithe, jolly, mirthful, jocund, convivial, gleeful sad, unhappy, serious
Jubilant exultant, happy, triumphant, elated, euphoric, gleeful depressed, sorrowful, dejected
Judicious prudent, rational, balanced, sensible, sound, reasonable reckless, thoughtless, irritational
Jumble muddle, scramble, disarray, disrupt, befuddle, confound order, organize, harmonize
Jumbo behemoth, colossal, stupendous, mighty, mammoth, massy miniature, tiny, small
Junk Discard, dispose of, scrap, dump, jettison, chuck keep, hold, preserve
Justify rationalize, vindicate, corroborate, sustainable, apologize, defend assail, impugn

K Word Synonyms and Antonyms

Words Synonyms Antonyms
Keen alert, ardent, fervent, perceptive, sensitive, sharp reluctant, uninterested, indifferent
Knit fasten, affix, link, loop, intermingle, weave detach, severe, break
Knock censure, criticism, condemnation, blame, rap, smash compliment, praise, endorsment
Knotty complex, complicated, convoluted, daedal, intricate, tangled unsnarled, systematic, uncoiled
Kudos accolade, distinction, acclaim, applause, eulogy, plaudit censure, condemnation, vituperation

K Word Synonyms and Antonyms

Words Synonyms Antonyms
Lavish luxurious, opulent, extravagant, prodigal, profuse, generous economical, scanty, scarce
Lean bony, lanky, meager, slender, succinct, brief plump, chubby, overweight
Legitimate Lawful, legal, licit, justifiable, logical, valid invalid, illegal, unwarranted
Lethal deadly, fatal, mortal, vital, destructive, ruinous beneficial, harmless, helpful
Lethargic sluggish, stuporous, torpid, apathetic, detached, indifferent active, lively, vivacious
Liability obligation, arrears, debt, exposure, vulnerability, indebtedness irresponsibility, accountability, assets
Liberal progressive, tolerant, broad-minded, modern, generous, munificent conservative, narrow-minded, orthodox
Lively brisk, sprighty, animated, vivacious, dynamics, vigorous dispirited, boring, dull
Loafer burn, drone, idler, sluggard, lazybones, wanderer hard worker, workaholic, overachiever
Loyal faithful, staunch, steadfast, devoted, allegiant, trustworthy unfaithful, undependable, disloyal
Lunatic crazy, demented, insane, distraught, maniac, unsound sane, sensible, balanced
Luxurious lavish, palatial, plush, rich, opulent, sumptuous destitute, tiny, scarce