List of Synonyms and Antonyms of “J” “K” “L” Words

J Word Synonyms and Antonyms

Jadewear, fatigue, drain, tire, down, enervateamuse, excite, exhilarate
Jarringrasping, agitating, harsh, raspy, raucous, stridentsubdued, soft, quiet
Jocularcomedic, facetious, funny, witty, frolicsomemorose, serious, grave
Joltbump, collision, smash, shock, crash, blowluck, fortune, expected
Jovialblithe, jolly, mirthful, jocund, convivial, gleefulsad, unhappy, serious
Jubilantexultant, happy, triumphant, elated, euphoric, gleefuldepressed, sorrowful, dejected
Judiciousprudent, rational, balanced, sensible, sound, reasonablereckless, thoughtless, irritational
Jumblemuddle, scramble, disarray, disrupt, befuddle, confoundorder, organize, harmonize
Jumbobehemoth, colossal, stupendous, mighty, mammoth, massyminiature, tiny, small
JunkDiscard, dispose of, scrap, dump, jettison, chuckkeep, hold, preserve
Justifyrationalize, vindicate, corroborate, sustainable, apologize, defendassail, impugn

K Word Synonyms and Antonyms

Keenalert, ardent, fervent, perceptive, sensitive, sharpreluctant, uninterested, indifferent
Knitfasten, affix, link, loop, intermingle, weavedetach, severe, break
Knockcensure, criticism, condemnation, blame, rap, smashcompliment, praise, endorsment
Knottycomplex, complicated, convoluted, daedal, intricate, tangledunsnarled, systematic, uncoiled
Kudosaccolade, distinction, acclaim, applause, eulogy, plauditcensure, condemnation, vituperation

K Word Synonyms and Antonyms

Lavishluxurious, opulent, extravagant, prodigal, profuse, generouseconomical, scanty, scarce
Leanbony, lanky, meager, slender, succinct, briefplump, chubby, overweight
LegitimateLawful, legal, licit, justifiable, logical, validinvalid, illegal, unwarranted
Lethaldeadly, fatal, mortal, vital, destructive, ruinousbeneficial, harmless, helpful
Lethargicsluggish, stuporous, torpid, apathetic, detached, indifferentactive, lively, vivacious
Liabilityobligation, arrears, debt, exposure, vulnerability, indebtednessirresponsibility, accountability, assets
Liberalprogressive, tolerant, broad-minded, modern, generous, munificentconservative, narrow-minded, orthodox
Livelybrisk, sprighty, animated, vivacious, dynamics, vigorousdispirited, boring, dull
Loaferburn, drone, idler, sluggard, lazybones, wandererhard worker, workaholic, overachiever
Loyalfaithful, staunch, steadfast, devoted, allegiant, trustworthyunfaithful, undependable, disloyal
Lunaticcrazy, demented, insane, distraught, maniac, unsoundsane, sensible, balanced
Luxuriouslavish, palatial, plush, rich, opulent, sumptuousdestitute, tiny, scarce