List of Synonyms and Antonyms of “M” Words

Magnificentglorious, splendid, grand, noble, outstandingatrocious, shameful, awful
Majesticaugust, imposing, grandiose, lordly, stately, sublimeshabby, low, humble
Mammothcolossal, enormous, huge, prodigious, mighty, heroic little, miniature, tiny
Marvelmiracle, phenomenon, prodigious, mighty, heroicanticipation, normalcy, usualness
Masculinemacho, male, manly, manlike, mannish, virilefeminine, ladylike,womanly
Meagerscant, skimpy, sparse, tiny, lanky, slimplenty, substantial, sufficient
Meanmalevolent, spiteful, vicious, ignoble, sordid, niggardaffectionate, gentle, dignified
Mediocreaverage, common, plain, standard, mean, shabbyexceptional, unusual, extraordinary
Mentoradvisor, consultant, counselor, trainer, coach, guideadversary, opponent, student
Mergeblend, fuse, mingle, amalgamate, stir, mixdivide, separate, part
Meticulouscareful, painstaking, scrupulous, fussy, choosy, particularcareless, sloppy, unorganized
Midstcentre, median, middle, midpoint, deep, interiorexterior, outside, outer
Minutediminutive, dwarf, minuscule, tiny, pygmy, weegiant, huge, mighty
Miserlyclose-fisted, niggard, parsimonious, penurious, stingy, pinchinggenerous, lavish, prodigal
Misfortuneadversity, haplessness, affliction, casualty, mishap, unluckiness blessing, fortune, favor
Misleadbeguile, betray, deceive, dupe, hoodwink, trickguide, counsel, lead
Mockderide, gibe, jeer, ridicule, imitate, flatter, praise, exalt
Moderatemodest, reasonable, temperate, conservative, restrained, mildoutrageous, considerable, significant
Monopolycartel, consortium, holding, syndicate, trust, cornersharing, distribution, scattering
Monstrousatrocious, heinous, gruesome, scandalous, gigantic, mightyaverage, common, cultured
Motivategoad, impel, prod, prick, spur, stimulatedepress, dissuade, impede
Muddymurky, rolled, turbid, cloudy, drab, murkybright, lucid, explicit
Mutedumb, inarticulate, mum, silent, voiceless, wordlessarticulate, communicative, vocal