List of Synonyms and Antonyms of “P” and “Q” Words

P Word Synonyms and Antonyms

Pacifyappease, assuage, conciliate, mollify, propitiate, sootheagitate, incite, upset
Palatiallavish, luxuriant, opulent, plush, rich, sumptuouscramped, minor, tiny
Pardonableexcusable, forgivable, venial, defensible, justifiable, passableinexpiable, unpardonable, inexcusable
Partisanbiased, prejudiced, partial, tendentious, prepossessed, one-sidedimpartial, unbiased, fair
Patheticpitiable, rueful, deplorable, lamentable, distressing, miserablecheerful, worthwhile, delightful
Peerlessmatchless, incomparable, singular, unmatched, alone, unequalinferior, mediocre, subordinate
Pessimistdefeatist, cynic, doomsayer, killjoy, downer, worrieroptimist, dreamer, hoper
Pinnacleacme, apex, crest, crown, peak, summitbase, bottom, nadir
Potentmighty, strong, powerful, commanding, dominant, authoritativefragile, incapable, ineffective
Precisecategorical, definite, accurate, specific, genteel, puritanicalambiguous, inexact, false
Prescribedecree, dictate, fix, impose, lay down, ordaindismiss, reject, ban
Preserveconserve, save, guard, shield, maintain, sustaindestroy, hurt, ruin
Primesuperior, splendid, foremost, paramount, premier, originalinferior, secondary, unimportant
Prodigalextravagant, lavish, spendthrift, profuse, wasteful, luxuriantthrifty, stingy, reasonable
Proficientadept, crack, masterly, professional, skilled, expertclumsy, inept, incompetent
Profuseluxuriant, exuberant, profligate, lavish, spendthrift, lushlacking, sparse, wanting
Prohibitban, debar, forbid, inhibit, interdict, outlaw allow, favor, permit
Prolificfecund, fertile, fruitful, productive, proliferous, rich barren, impotent, unproductive
Prolongelongate, extend, lengthen, protract, stretch, prolongate abbreviate, shorten, compress
Prominentarresting, marked, outstanding, remarkable, salient, distinguishedinconspicious, unexceptional, inferior
Promptfoment, goad, impel, instigate, motivate, piquedepress, halt, dissuade
Propagatebreed, cultivate, procreate, proliferate, promulgate, spawndestroy, decline, conceal
Prescribeenjoin, debar, taboo, prohibit, inhibit, banallow, favor, permit
Prosperousbooming, flourishing, prospering, thriving, auspicious, propitiouslanguishing, stunted, losing
Provisionalinterim, temporary, acting, conditional, provisory, tentativecertain, definite, permanent
Provokeenrage, incense, aggravate, annoy, nettleplease, soothe, placate
Proximateadjacent, close, contiguous, near, imminent, momentarydefinite, distant, remote
Prudentrational, sage, sapient, sensible, cautious, circumspectindiscreet, unrealistic, unwise
Pushyaudacious, brazen, cheeky, insolent, impertinent, sassy unassuming, modest, quiet
Puzzlingarcane, cabalistic, cryptic, enigmatic, mysterious, sassycomprehensible, intelligible, understandable

Q Word Synonyms and Antonyms

Quackcharlatan, fake, fraud, humbug, impostor, phonygenuine, original, real
Queerbizarre, cranky, eccentric, freaky, idiosyncratic, oddregular, typical, usual
Quick-wittedalert, clever, intelligent, keen, sharp, smartslow, stupid, dim
Quietenhush, quiet, shush, shut up, silence, stillagitate, excite, ruffle,