List of Synonyms and Antonyms of “R” Words

Words Antonyms Synonyms
Random desultory, haphazard, indiscriminate, spot, unplanned, chance definite, specific, systematic
Rash brash, foolhardy, impetuous, impulsive, reckless, temerarious cautious, planned, thoughtful
Rational analytical, judicious, prudent, sagacious, sapient, logical ridiculous, unsound, illogical
Rebuke consequent, levelheaded, sage, discreet, restrained, modest immoderate, irrational, rash
Rectify amend, redress, reform, reconcile, resolve damage, ruin, worsen
Refute belie, disprove, rebut, abnegate, contravene, counter endorse, ratify, sanction
Regard contemplation, concern, solicitude, caution, cognizance, observance neglect, thoughtlessness, indifference
Relevant applicable, pertinent, apropos, cognate, concerning, congruent inappropriate, inapplicable, unsuitable
Reliable dependable, responsible, trustworthy, impeccable, loyal, decisive deceptive, undependable, disloyal
Relieve allay, alleviate, assuage, mitigate, lessen, palliate harm, hurt, incite
Reluctant averse, indisposed, disinclined, loath, unwilling, diffident anxious, eager, enthusiastic
Rely bank, depend, confide, entrust, commit, reckon distrust, doubt, disbelieve
Remarkable arresting, delicious,
Remedy combine, marked, salient, preeminent, outstanding, singular ordinary, insignificant, common
Renovate reinstate, rejuvenate, restitute, refurbish, restore, revamp demolish, destroy, ruin
Renowned celebrated, eminent, distinguished, illustrious, prominent, noted unknown, inferior, unremarkable
Repel fend, repulse, keep off, ward off, cast aside, drive away attract, draw, lure
Resemblance affinity, alikeness, similarity, analogy, conformity, correspondence contrast, diversity, dissimilarity
Resist withstand, buck, challenge, contest, dispute, traverse conform, comply, harmonize
Resolve conclude, determine, analyze, decipher, unravel, reconcile encode, scramble, tangle
Resourceful ingenious, inventive, aggressive, talented, venturesome, enterprising dull, unimaginative, inactive
Respect admiration, appreciation, esteem, repute, prestige, regard disdain, dishonor, disrespect
Restrain bridle, constrain, curb, hold back, inhibit, rein free, liberate, release
Restrict circumscribe, confine, limit, constrict, cramp, demarcate enlarge, extend, expand
Retain hold, recollect, reminisce, revive, engage, hire release, lose, spend
Reveal betray, divulge, expose, unmask, manifest, envince conceal, hide, suppress
Revengeful spiteful, vengeful, vindictive, rancorous, implacable, resentful compassionate, merciful, considerate
Revive restore, rekindle, reinstate, revitalize, renew destroy, kill, suppress
Rewarding advantageous, lucrative, profitable, remunerative, bountiful, beneficial ungratifying, inopportune, marginal
Riddle conundrum, enigma, mystery, perplexity, puzzle, maze solution, understanding, knowledge
Ridicule deride, gibe, jeer, jest, mock, scoff praise, regard, consider
Rigid inflexible, unyielding, immutable, adamant, incompliant, stubborn bending, pliant, yielding
Rival competitor, contender, contestant, opponent, combatant, emulous associate, partner, aide
Ruthless unscrupulous, merciless, unprincipled, fierce, callous, implacable sympathetic, sparing, merciful