List of Synonyms and Antonyms of “T” Words

Tactlessclumsy, gauche, impolitic, maladroit, brash, undiplomaticdiscreet, thoughtful, refined
Talktivechatty, conversational, garrulous, loquacious, talky, voluble quiet, reserved, uncommunicative
Tallyenumerate, reckon, score, conform, correspond, harmonizediffer, deviate, contrast
TameDomesticate, moderate, soften, subdue, tone, down, bustarouse, incite, stimulate
Tauntgibe, insult, jeer, scoff, twit, bantercompliment, praise, respect
Teaseannoy, biat, beleaguer, beset, pester, tormentappease, mollify, gladden
Tediousdreary, humdrum, monotonous, beset, pester, tormentappease, mollify, gladden
Temptingbewitching, enchanting, enticing, fascinating, winsomerepulsive, revolting, disgusting
Tendergentle, mild, soft, delicate, dainty, frailhard, rough, tough
Terrorisealarm, frighten, panic, scare, startle, terrifyassuage, assure, help
Thornyprickly, spiny, thistly, nettlesome, barbed, stingydull, smooth, soothing
Thoroughexhaustive, intensive, arrant, outright, downright, unmitigatedpartial, superficial, unfinished
Thriftycanny, chary, frugal, prudent, sparing, economicalextravagant, spendthrift, wasteful
Thrillingelectrifying, exhilaration, moving, stimulating, exciting, upliftingdepressing, discouraging, upsetting
Tidyorderly, spruce, taut, uncluttered, moderate, snugchaotic, messy, sloppy
Toillabor, strain, strive, travail, plod, trudgelaze, skip, rest
Tolerantliberal, progressive, broad-minded, lenient, merciful, laxprejudiced, biased, disapproving
Transparentcrystalline, limpid, lucid, see-through, pellucid, vaporous opaque, cloudy, blocked
Treatyaccord, agreement, concord, convention, pact, bond disagreement, discord, disunity
Tremendousenormous, gigantic, massive, mighty, monumental, marvelousinsignificant, tiny, petty
Tributecommendation, compliment, congratulation, salute, salvo, testimonialaccusation, criticism, blame
Trickycrafty, cunning, foxy, guileful, scheming, wilynaive, ingenuous, unassuming
Triumphvictory, conquest, win, exultation, jubilation, successdefeat, forfeit, failure