List of Synonyms and Antonyms of “U” and “V” Words

U Words of Synonyms and Antonyms

Uglyhideous, unsightly, horrid, roiled, rugged, crankylovely, pleasing, attractive
Ultimateunderlying, utmost, transcendent, unsurpassable, fundamental, essentialpreliminary, trivial, auxiliary
Undueexorbitant, excessive, inordinate, improper, inapt, forbiddenmoderate, reasonable, sensible
Unearthdig, uncover, ferret, excavate, reveal, ascertainbury, conceal, hide
Uniformityanalogy, comparison, correspondence, resemblance, harmony, similaritydiscord, disagreement, difference
Unifycoalesce, conjoin, conjugate, consolidate, couple, meld disjoin, disperse, separate
Uniquesingular, solitary, matchless, peerless, exemplary, unrivaledcommonplace, usual, regular
Universalcosmic, global, pandemic, planetary, ubiquitous, genericconfined, local, partial
Upsetoverthrow, topple, derange, unsettle, disarray, disruptorganize, arrange, ready
Urgeinsist, press, appeal, call, demand, pleadanswer, reply, protest
Urgentdire, emergent, exigent, importune, insistent, persistentmoderate, unimportant, usual
Usualaverage, common, general, ordinary, typical, wontedabnormal, atypical, irregular

V Words of Synonyms and Antonyms

Vacantempty, void, idle, inane, vacuous, otiosefull, occupied, overflowing
Vagueinexplicit, nebulous, obscure, bleary, fuzzy, unresolvedcertain, define, clear
Vainfutile, hollow, conceited, goistic, narcissistic, otiosemodest, diffident, useful
Valiantcourageous, doughty, gallant, heroic, intrepid, mettlesomecowardly, timid, weak
Validcogent, just, authentic, authoritative, convincing, credibleunsound, unacceptable, invalid
Valourcourage, fortitude, gallantry, intrepidity, pluckiness, valiancecowardice, timidity, meekness
Vanishdisappear, evanesce, evaporate, fade, exit, dematerialize, appear, arrive, comeappear, arrive, come
Variablealterable, mutable, capricious, flickle, ticklish, volatilesteady, fixed, constant
Vastenormous, giant, immense, heroic, monstrous, wallopingbounded, limited, little
Versatileall-round, multifaceted, protean, adaptable, ambidextrous, resourcefulinflexible, limited, nonconforming
Veteranxperienced, skilled, seasoned, adept, expert, hardenedamateur, inexperienced, greenhorn
Vibrantmettlesome, vivacious, peppery, spirited, resonant, sparklingcolorless, dull, dispirited
Victimizebilk, cheat, defraud, gull, mulct, swindleassist, help
Vigilantalert, observant, open-eyed, wakeful, wary, watchfulindiscreet, negligent, inattentive
Vigourbounce, spirit, liveliness, verve, vim, energylethargy, weakness, enervation
Violatebreach, contravene, infringe, transgress, flout, ravish obey, observe, comply
Visionaryfarsighted, chimerical, delusive, illusive, fanciful, notionalpractical, real, realistic
Vitalanimate, robust, sturdy, vigorous, fundamental, integral trivial, insignificant, petty
Vividbright, colorful, flamboyant, graphic, expressive, meaningfuldull, inexpressive, vague
Voluntarywilling, spontaneous, unforced, uncompensated, deliberate, unintendedobligatory, forced, involuntary
Vulgarhumble, ignoble, mean, boorish, crass, bawdydecent, inoffensive, polite