List of Synonyms and Antonyms of “U” and “V” Words

U Words of Synonyms and Antonyms

Words Antonyms Synonyms
Ugly hideous, unsightly, horrid, roiled, rugged, cranky lovely, pleasing, attractive
Ultimate underlying, utmost, transcendent, unsurpassable, fundamental, essential preliminary, trivial, auxiliary
Undue exorbitant, excessive, inordinate, improper, inapt, forbidden moderate, reasonable, sensible
Unearth dig, uncover, ferret, excavate, reveal, ascertain bury, conceal, hide
Uniformity analogy, comparison, correspondence, resemblance, harmony, similarity discord, disagreement, difference
Unify coalesce, conjoin, conjugate, consolidate, couple, meld disjoin, disperse, separate
Unique singular, solitary, matchless, peerless, exemplary, unrivaled commonplace, usual, regular
Universal cosmic, global, pandemic, planetary, ubiquitous, generic confined, local, partial
Upset overthrow, topple, derange, unsettle, disarray, disrupt organize, arrange, ready
Urge insist, press, appeal, call, demand, plead answer, reply, protest
Urgent dire, emergent, exigent, importune, insistent, persistent moderate, unimportant, usual
Usual average, common, general, ordinary, typical, wonted abnormal, atypical, irregular

V Words of Synonyms and Antonyms

Words Antonyms Synonyms
Vacant empty, void, idle, inane, vacuous, otiose full, occupied, overflowing
Vague inexplicit, nebulous, obscure, bleary, fuzzy, unresolved certain, define, clear
Vain futile, hollow, conceited, goistic, narcissistic, otiose modest, diffident, useful
Valiant courageous, doughty, gallant, heroic, intrepid, mettlesome cowardly, timid, weak
Valid cogent, just, authentic, authoritative, convincing, credible unsound, unacceptable, invalid
Valour courage, fortitude, gallantry, intrepidity, pluckiness, valiance cowardice, timidity, meekness
Vanish disappear, evanesce, evaporate, fade, exit, dematerialize, appear, arrive, come appear, arrive, come
Variable alterable, mutable, capricious, flickle, ticklish, volatile steady, fixed, constant
Vast enormous, giant, immense, heroic, monstrous, walloping bounded, limited, little
Versatile all-round, multifaceted, protean, adaptable, ambidextrous, resourceful inflexible, limited, nonconforming
Veteran xperienced, skilled, seasoned, adept, expert, hardened amateur, inexperienced, greenhorn
Vibrant mettlesome, vivacious, peppery, spirited, resonant, sparkling colorless, dull, dispirited
Victimize bilk, cheat, defraud, gull, mulct, swindle assist, help
Vigilant alert, observant, open-eyed, wakeful, wary, watchful indiscreet, negligent, inattentive
Vigour bounce, spirit, liveliness, verve, vim, energy lethargy, weakness, enervation
Violate breach, contravene, infringe, transgress, flout, ravish obey, observe, comply
Visionary farsighted, chimerical, delusive, illusive, fanciful, notional practical, real, realistic
Vital animate, robust, sturdy, vigorous, fundamental, integral trivial, insignificant, petty
Vivid bright, colorful, flamboyant, graphic, expressive, meaningful dull, inexpressive, vague
Voluntary willing, spontaneous, unforced, uncompensated, deliberate, unintended obligatory, forced, involuntary
Vulgar humble, ignoble, mean, boorish, crass, bawdy decent, inoffensive, polite