30 July 2021 The Hindu Vocabulary – General English

As you know, Vocabulary now a part of every competitive exams like, Banking, SSC, Railway, and More. Now a days Vocabulary should be good for solve to Reading comprehension. So, Today 30 July 2021 The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary list of more than 20 Words. It’s help for crack competitive exams and improve English.

30th July 2021 The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Words with Hindi Meanings

Quash (खत्म करना) [VERB]

Synonyms: Put an end to, Suppress, Finish

Antonyms: Start, Prompt

Sentence: The revolt was swiftly quashed by government troops.

Flak (आलोचना) [NOUN]

Synonyms: Censure, Disapproval, Criticism

Antonyms: Approval

Sentence: She caught some flak from her parents.

Incredible (अविश्वसनीय) [ADJECTIVE]

Synonyms: Unbelievable, Beyond-Belief, Unconvincing

Antonyms: Believable

Sentence: Sunil Chhetri scored an incredible goal in the match.

Enrich (संपन्न बनाना) [VERB]

Synonyms: Improve, Augment, Enhance

Antonyms: Spoil

Sentence: Uranium is enriched for use in nuclear reactors.

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Prolong (लंबा करना) [VERB]

Synonyms: Make Longer, Extended

Antonyms: Short

Sentence: They’re trying to prolong their lives

Resort to (का सहारा लेना) [NOUN]

Synonyms: Use, utilization , Recourse

Antonyms: Idleness

Sentence: There’s hope the countries will reach a settlement without resorting to armed conflict.

Condone (माफ करना) [VERB]

Synonyms: Ignore, Forgive, Pardon

Antonyms: Punish

Sentence: I don’t condone such rude behavior

Knotty (विकट, जटिल) [ADJECTIVE]

Synonyms: Complex, Complicated, Intricate

Antonyms: Straightforward

Sentence: It was a very knotty problem.

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