SET 4 – World Questions and Answers

World GK Quiz Set-4 :Here we have published World General Knowledge Set-4 Questions and Answers, all these questions are common knowledge of the worl4. These questions will be helpful for you in all the upcoming exams and interviews.

World General Knowledge Quiz Set-4

Question 1. Which of these river deltas is the largest delta in the world?
1. Delta of Sundarbans
2. Ganges River Delta
3. Nile Delta
4. Brahmaputra River Delta

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Answer: Delta of Sundarbans

Question 2. The world’s largest dam is _____?
1. Grand Dam
2. Boulder Dam
3. Bhakra Dam
4. Others

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Answer: Grand dam

Question 3. Which religion is the oldest religion in the world?
1. Zoroastrianism
2. Buddhism
3. Sanatan Dharma
4. Judaism

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Answer: Sanatan Dharma

Question 4. When is International Women’s Day celebrated?
1. 18 April
2. 20 May
3. 8 March
4. 2 June

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Answer: 8 March

Question 5. In which of the following cities, the atomic bomb was dropped, which is the first city in the world?
1. Hiroshima
2. Delhi
3. Laosh
4. Europe

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Answer: Hiroshima

Question 6. Which country is the world’s first book to print?
1. India
2. Bhutan
3. Australia
4. China

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Answer: China

Question 7. The largest archipelago in the world is _____.
1. Scotland
2. Indonesia
3. Andaman
4. Others

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Answer: Indonesia

Question 8. Who is the largest exporter of Nickel in the world?
1. Zaire
2. Canada
3. United States
4. France

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Answer: Canada

Question 9. What is the name of the first person in the world to reach space?
1. Neil Armstrong
2. Major Yuri Gagarin
3. Rakesh Sharma
4. Valentina Treshkova

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Answer: Major Yuri Gagarin

Question 10. According to the region, which is the largest country in the world?
1. Europe
2. Russia
3. Germany
4. Indonesia

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Answer: Russia

Q 11. Which of the following is the largest wall in the world?
1. Chaukhandi Stupa Wall
2. Berlin Wall
3. Great Wall of China
4. Others

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Answer: Great Wall of China

Question 12. Which of these countries is the first country in the world to issue the first paper currency?
1. Russia
2. China
3. America
4. Japan

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Answer: China

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