SET 8 – World Questions and Answers

World GK Quiz Set-8 :Here we have published World General Knowledge Set-8 Questions and Answers, all these questions are common knowledge of the world. These questions will be helpful for you in all the upcoming exams and interviews.

World General Knowledge Quiz Set-8

Q1. Which country is the winner of the Miss Universe-2018 title, Catriona Gray?
1. Philippines
2. South Africa
3. Venezuela
4. Spain

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Answer: Philippines

Q2. Who is the winner of Men’s Hockey World Cup-2018?
1. Belgium
2. Netherlands
3. Australia
4. England

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Answer: Belgium

Q3. Which player won the ‘Ballon the Or’ award of FIFA’s best male footballer of the year 2018?
1. Lionel Messi
2. Cristiano Ronaldo
3. Luka Modrich
4. Antoine Gries

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Answer: Luca Modrich

Q4. Who was the winner of the Miss World-2018 title?
1. Nicolene Pichapa Limsunken
2. Vanessa Ponce de Leon (Manushi Chillar)
3. Anukreeti Vas
4. Milarez Steni

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Answer: Vanessa Ponce de Leon (Manushi Chillar)

Q5. Who became the new national of Mexico in December 2018?
1. Andrés Manuel López Obrador
2. Luis Almago
3. Thomas Bak
4. Roberto Jevedo

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Answer: Andréz Manuel López Obrador

Q6. Which country has announced its separation from the oil producing countries ‘OPEC’ in December 2018?
1. Iran
2. Qatar
3. Kuwait
4. Iraq

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Answer: Qatar

Q7. Which country ranked first in the Globar Terrorism Index released by the Australia-based Institute for Economics and Peace think tank in December 2018?
1. Syria
2. Iraq
3. Afghanistan
4. Pakistan

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Answer: Afghanistan

Q8. In which country, more than 300 people died in the Karni tsunami of volcanic eruption in December 2018?
1. Maldives
2. Sri Lanka
3. Japan
4. Indonesia

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Answer: Indonesia

Q9. Where did the United Nations Climate Change Conference concluded in December 2018?
1. Ketobis (Poland)
2. Ankara (Turkey)
3. Kampala (Uganda)
4. Bern (Switzerland)

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Answer: Ketobais (Polan4.

Q10. President Ram Nath Kovind visited which country in December 2018?
1. Nepal
2. Bangladesh
3. Sri Lanka
4. Myanmar

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Answer: Myanmar

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