SET 4 – Computer Questions and Answers

Computer GK Set-4:- With the help of the published Computer General Knowledge Part-4 quiz, you can get very important knowledge in Computer GK Set-4 . These Computer GK Questions will prove to be helpful for you in the upcoming competitive exams.

Set-4 Computer Gk Quiz for Competitive Examination

Question 1. What type of device is a computer mouse?
1. storage
2. output
3. input
4. software

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Answer: Input

Question 2. A ______ is connected to multiple computers to share resources and data?
1. internet
2. network
3. backbone
4. hyperlink

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Answer: network

Question 3. Computer is a _________.
1. mechanical device
2. electronic device
3. electrical device
4. networking tool

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Answer: electronic device

Question 4. In MS Excel, which of the following is not a correct method of editing cell content?
1. Press the Alt key
2. press F2 key
3. double clicking in cell
4. press Ctrl key

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Answer: Press the Alt key

Question 5. Who is the founder of microblogging site Tumblr?
1. David Karp
2. Kevin Systrom
3. Marco Arment
4. None of these are correct

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Answer: David Karp

Question 6. What is the expanded form of GB?
1. jenrabyte
2. gigabyte
3. gantabyte
4. Zainbaite

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Answer: Gigabyte

Question 7. In MS Excel 2007, long text in a cell can be divided into multiple lines. Through which you can do this?
1. Clicking on the Home tab wrap text
2. Clicking on Orange All from the View tab
3. by clicking on the page in the page layout
4. None of these are correct

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Answer: Clicking on the Home tab wrap text

Question 8. What is the short-key for bookmarking a website in the browser?
1. Ctrl + B
2. Ctrl + space
3. Ctrl + w
4. Ctrl + 3

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Answer: Ctrl + B

Question 9. In MS Word 2007, which icon is used to copy formats of characters?
1. format painter
2. format button
3. painter
4. character painter

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Answer: format painter

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