SET 6 – Computer Questions and Answers

Computer GK Questions and Answers Set-6:- With the help of the published Computer General Knowledge Part-6 quiz, you can get very important knowledge in Computer GK Set-6 . These Computer GK Questions will prove to be helpful for you in the upcoming competitive exams.

Set-6 Computer Gk Quiz for Competitive Examination

Q1. What is the main memory of a computer?
1. Assistant
2. inner
3. External
4. All these

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Answer: inner

Q2. What is the place where the systems connect the accessories to the unit?
1. Bus
2. Port
3. Yes
4. Ring

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Answer: Port

Q3. What type of memory does a floppy disk belong to?
1. volatile
2. External
3. Internal
4. A and B

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Answer: External

Q4. Who is the inventor of computer language JAVA?
1. IBM
2. Microsoft
3. Sun Microsoft
4. Infosystem

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Answer: Sun Microsoft

Q5. What keys are called Ctrl, Shift and Alt?
1. Alpha Numeric
2. Modifier
3. Function
4. Joystick

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Answer: Modifier

Q6. What type of memory is RAM?
1. inner
2. External
3. Assistant
4. Main

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Answer: Main

Q7. What is the pattern of printed lines on most products?
1. Barcodes
2. Code
3. Scanners
4. prizes

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Answer: Barcodes

Q8. What is the full form of OCR?
1. Optical Character Rendering
2. Optical Character Recognition
3. Optical CPU Recognition
4. None of these

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Answer: Optical Character Recognition

Q9. Which of the following is not an output device?
1. plotter
2. printer
3. Monitor
4. Touchscreen

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Answer: Touchscreen

Q10. Which of the following is not RAM?

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Answer: PRAM

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