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27 September 2021 Current Affairs in English

27th September 2021 – Daily Current Affairs Questions and Answers in English

GS Team published here 27 September 2021 Current Affairs Quiz. These will be helpful for the upcoming SSC, UPSC, Bank, Railway, Clerk, PO exams. These current affairs make daily analysis and related India, World, Technology, and all govt news.

27th September 2021- GK Quiz for SSC and Bank Exams

How much artwork and antiquities has US President Joe Biden given to Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

  • 52
  • 92
  • 157
  • 251
  • Answer:- 157 – US President Joe Biden has handed over 157 artworks and antiquities to Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his 4-day visit to America, which are from the second to the 18th century. These range from one and a half meter carvings made of sandstone from the 10th century to the exquisite bronze sculpture of the 12th century.

    Which of the following actor has been honored with an appointment to the “Honorary Commander” in the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom?

  • Salman Khan
  • Daniel Craig
  • Roger More
  • Timothy Dalson
  • Answer:- Daniel Craig – James Bond actor Daniel Craig has recently been honored by being appointed “Honorary Commander” in the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom. Daniel Craig’s new James Bond film No Time to Die is about to be released in Indian cinema.

    What is the rank of India in the top 20 in the recently released “CAF World Giving Index 2021”?

  • 7th
  • 12th
  • 14th
  • 20th
  • Answer:- 14th – India has been ranked 14th in the top 20 in the recently released “CAF World Giving Index 2021”. The Charities Aid Foundation has said in the report that India is one of the fastest growing countries in the index. And in the year 2020 during Corona, 61% of Indians have helped a stranger.

    Which of the following has recently released the data “Deposits with Scheduled Commercial Banks – March 2021”?

  • NITI Aayog
  • Reserve Bank of India
  • Planning Commission
  • Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
  • Answer:- Reserve Bank of India – Reserve Bank of India has recently released the data “Deposits with Scheduled Commercial Banks – March 2021”. According to which, there has been a year-on-year increase of 11.9% in bank deposits during 2020-21 as compared to 8.8% in 2019-20.

    Which city of India has been ranked 23rd in the “International Start-up Hub Ranking 2021”?

  • Hyderabad
  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore
  • Answer:- Bangalore – Start-up Genome has recently released its annual International Start-up Hub Ranking 2021 in which Bangalore, India has been ranked 23rd. This time London, Mumbai and Bangalore have been included in the top start-up centers of the world. Whereas Mumbai ranks first in the Emerging Ecosystem Ranking.

    Which day is celebrated around the world on 27th September?

  • World Tourism Day
  • World Global Warming Day
  • World Women’s Day
  • World Ozone Day
  • Answer:- World Tourism Day – World Tourism Day is celebrated all over the world on 27 September. Which was started by the United Nations World Tourism Organization in the year 1980. Whereas in 1970 the law of UNWTO was accepted. The purpose of this day is to bring awareness about tourism among the people and to promote maximum tourism.

    How many years have been completed recently since the successful implementation of Saubhagya Yojana?

  • 2 years
  • 3 years
  • 4 years
  • 5 years
  • Answer:- 4 years – Recently 4 years have been completed of successful implementation of Saubhagya Yojana, one of the world’s most recent household electrification scheme announced on 25 September 2017. Under this scheme, 2.82 crore houses have been electrified till March since its inception.

    President Ram Nath Kovind has given National Service Scheme awards to how many winners through video conference?

  • 12 winners
  • 22 winners
  • 32 winners
  • 42 winners
  • Answer:- 42 winners – President Ram Nath Kovind has recently given National Service Scheme awards to volunteers associated with the National Service Scheme through video conference. These NSS Awards have been given to 42 winners in 3 different categories for their contribution. Who has displayed extraordinary loyalty, spirit of service and courage.

    Name the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, who has been elected as the external auditor of International Atomic Energy Agency?

  • Rajiv Mahrishi
  • GC Murmu
  • RK Mathur
  • Manoj Sinha
  • Answer:- GC Murmu – Comptroller and Auditor General of India GC Murmu has recently been elected as the external auditor of the International Atomic Energy Agency. His tenure will be for 6 years from the year 2022 to 2027. The International Atomic Energy Agency is a prestigious institution promoting peaceful uses.

    Recently which country has declared all cryptocurrency transactions illegal?

  • China
  • America
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Answer:- China – The Central Bank of China has recently declared all cryptocurrency transactions illegal. The global values ​​of all cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, have fluctuated massively during the year 2020-2021. According to the bank, trading in bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies has become widespread and is disrupting the economic and financial system.

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