General Knowledge

Fundamental Duties

Q. of the Constitution of the Indian Constitution which country has the fundamental duty?
Answer: Russia
Q. What was recommended fundamental duty was added to the Constitution?
Answer: Sardar Swaran Singh Committee
Q. Which amendment of the Indian Constitution was added fundamental duty?
Answer: 42nd Amendment (1976)
Q. Article of the Constitution and the fundamental duty to explain what part does?
Answer: part (a), Article 51 (a)
Q. What is the number of fundamental duties?
Answer: Eleven
Q. What are the fundamental duties listed in the Constitution?
(ii) Llpratyek be the duty of man to obey the Constitution and its ideals, institutions, to respect the national flag and national anthem.
(iii) lswatntrta for high ideals which inspired our national freedom movement respects.
(iv) lbart’s sovereignty, unity and integrity to protect and maintain it intact.
(v) ldesh to protect.
(vi) lbart all people to build a sense of harmony and common brotherhood.
(vii) Understand the importance of the glorious tradition of our culture and to the test.
(viii) Snvrdhn and to protect the natural environment.
(xi) Scientific approach and to develop a sense of knowledge.
Protect the public property.
(i) L0lwyktigt and collective activities to continuous efforts to move towards excellence in all spheres.
(ii) Llmata by a parent or guardian to provide primary education for children from 6 to 14 years.