General Science General Knowledge Questions and Answers – Set 10

Science Questions and Answers for Pharmacist, Lab Technician and Other Equivalents Recruitment – Section – 8

Q1. Shellac is used for the purpose of coating tablets as:
A. Polishing agent
B. Film coating agent
C. Enteric coating agent
D. Sub­coating agent for sugar coating

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Answer: Enteric coating agent

Q2. Which of the following statements is true regarding the properties of benzyl
A. Beta­lactum ring is not essential for activity
B. It is a broad spectrum antibiotic
C. It has a bactericidal activity
D. None of these

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Answer: It has a bactericidal activity

Q3. Functional unit of gene that specifies synthesis of one polypeptide is:
A. Codon
B. Cistron
C. Recon
D. Muton

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Answer: Cistron

Q4. Glycosides are condensation products of:
A. Sugar + aglycone
B. Sugar + Protein
C. Protein + aglycone
D. Fats + aglycone

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Answer: Sugar + aglycone

Q5. Which one of the following includes details of the standards for surgical
A. Schedule Fii
B. Schedule M
C. Schedule G
D. Schedule P

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Answer: - Schedule Fii

Q6. The method of DNA replication proposed by Watson and Crick is:
A. Semi conservative
B. Conservative
C. Dispersive
D. Rolling loop

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Answer: Semi conservative

Q7. Colour of nitrous oxide cylinder is:
A. Blue
B. Grey
C. Black
D. Orange

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Answer: Blue

Q8. In the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules, the Schedule relating to GMP is:
A. Schedule M
B. Schedule C
C. Schedule Y
D. Schedule H

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Answer: Schedule M

Q9. Most commonly used opacifying agent in capsule is:
A. Titanium dioxide
C. Iron
D. None of these

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Answer: Titanium dioxide

Q10. Requirements and guidelines on clinical trials for import and manufacture of new
drugs comes under:
A. Schedule Y
B. Schedule M
C. Schedule C
D. None of these

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Answer: Schedule Y