General Science General Knowledge Questions and Answers – Set 9

Science Questions and Answers for Pharmacist, Lab Technician and Other Equivalents Recruitment – Section – 8

Q1. The stationary liquid phase used for non polar solutes in GLC is:
A. Polyethylene glycol
B. Squalene
C. Benzene
D. Celite

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Answer: Squalene

Q2. A successful hybridoma can be produced by fusing of:
A. Plasma cells and plasmids
B. Plasma cells and myeloma cells
C. Myeloma cells and plasmids
D. Plasma cells and bacterial cells

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Answer: Plasma cells and myeloma cells

Q3. Preparation for oral use does not contain:
A. Sorbitol
B. Glucose
C. Phenol
D. Glycerol

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Answer: Phenol

Q4. Millard reaction occurs between:
A. Hydrous lactose and amine
B. Anhydrous lactose and amide
C. Starch and amide
D. Anhydrous lactose and phenol

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Answer: Hydrous lactose and amine

Q5. The protein moiety of an enzyme is known as:
A. Holo enzyme
B. Apo enzyme
C. Co enzyme
D. Enzyme

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Answer: Apo enzyme

Q6. The weight uniformity limit for soft gelatin capsule upto 300 mg is:
A. 5%
B. 7.5%
C. 10%
D. 20%

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Answer: 10%

Q7. The polymorphic form III of riboflavin is ______ times more soluble than the
form I:
A. 10 times
B. 20 times
C. 15 times
D. 18 times

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Answer: 20 times

Q8. Complete separation of tablet into two or more layers is called as:
A. Capping
B. Lamination
C. Picking
D. Mottling

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Answer: Lamination

Q9. The first and most widely used diluent in tablet formulation is:
A. Dextrose
B. Lactose
D. Starch

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Answer: Lactose

Q10. Which of the following contains in the blood?
A. Trypsin
B. Amylase
C. Haemoglobin
D. Lipase

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Answer: Haemoglobin