Set 15 – Geography Questions and Answers

Geography GK Set-15 : – The questions and answers of Geography GK Set-15 below are published (Geography General Knowledge Set-15). All the Geography published in this section, Set-15 Questions and answers will be important and helpful for you in all banking and more examinations like Bank, Railways, SSC and More.etc.

Set 15 – Geography General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Q1. Day and Night are equal at
A. Prime Meridian
B. Antarctic
C. Poles
D. Equator

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Answer: D. Equator-

Q2. Which one is a landlocked sea
A. Ligurian Sea
B. Mediterranean Sea
C. Dead Sea
D. Laptev Sea

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Answer: C. Dead Sea-

Q3. Which among the following is the highest peak in Africa?
A. Mount Algan
B. Mount Kilimanjaro
C. Mount Kenya
D. Mount Hanang

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Answer: B. Mount Kilimanjaro-

Q4. The great Victoria Desert is located in
A. Australia
B. Canada
C. North America
D. West Africa

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Answer: A. Australia-

Q5. The largest part of our hydrosphere is
A. Antarctica ocean
B. Atlantic Ocean
C. Indian Ocean
D. Pacific ocean

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Answer: D. Pacific ocean-

Q6. Where is the secretariat office of Birdlife International?
A. Suva, Fiji
B. Geneva
C. Mumbai, India
D. Cambridge UK

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Answer: D. Cambridge UK-

Q7. The largest continent in the world is
A. Australia
B. Africa
C. Asia
D. Antarctica

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Answer: C. Asia-

Q8. Littoral forests are rich sources of which among the following?
A. Timber
B. Bamboo
C. Firewood
D. Fodder

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Answer: C. Firewood-

Q9. R-12 structure oil field is near
A. Trombay
B. Machalipatanam
C. Near Vishakapatnam
D. Mangalore

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Answer: A. Trombay

Q10. Railway Coaches are produced at
A. Perambur
B. Kattayam
C. Vellore
D. Trichur

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Answer: A. Perambur

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