Set 16 – Geography Questions and Answers

Geography GK Set-16 : – The questions and answers of Geography GK Set-16 below are published (Geography General Knowledge Set-16). All the Geography published in this section, Set-16 Questions and answers will be important and helpful for you in all banking and more examinations like Bank, Railways, SSC and More.etc.

Set 16 – Geography General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Q1. Drowned glaciated valleys in high latitude regions are known as
A. Fiords
B. Ocean Ridges
C. Sub-marine canyons
D. Glaciated valleys

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Answer: A. Fiords

Q2. In which period people visit Hammerfest (about 71o N 24o E) to see the beauty of the Midnight Sun?
A. March to May
B. June to August
C. September to November
D. December to February

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Answer: B. June to August

Q3. Which forest is known for large scale lumbering?
A. Equatorial forests
B. Mixed forests
C. Coniferous forests
D. Monsoon forests

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Answer: C. Coniferous forests

Q4. “Meghalaya” is the name given to the region corresponding to
A. Lushai Hill Region
B. Garo-Khasi Hill Region
C. Nefa Region
D. Nagaland

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Answer: B. Garo-Khasi Hill Region

Q5. Ruhr region is situated in
A. Poland
B. Russia
C. Germany
D. France

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Answer: C. Germany

Q6. In the northern hemisphere, due to Ferrel’s law the wind is deflected
A. Towards its rights
B. Towards its left
C. Towards its north
D. Towards its south

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Answer: A. Towards its rights

Q7. The average time interval between successive high tide and low tide is
A. 12 hours and 26 minutes
B. 6 hours and 12 minutes
C. 24 hours and 52 minutes
D. 50 minutes

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Answer: C. 24 hours and 52 minutes

Q8. Barchan dunes will tend to form in
A. Hot deserts
B. Humid Iropical area
C. Coastal areas
D. Polar deserts

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Answer: A. Hot deserts

Q9. Which of the following is a land locked country?
A. Afghanistan
B. Burma
C. Philippines
D. Israel

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Answer: A. Afghanistan

Q10. Which of the following ports does not have an oil refinery?
A. Cochin
B. Madras
C. Tuticorin
D. Bombay

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Answer: C. Tuticorin

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