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SET 3 – GK Questions for Class-5th

Here you will check major set-3 gk questions and answers for class-5th students all gk multiple choice questions is for class-5th set-3 level will helpful to improve class-5th student IQ.

Class-5th General Knowledge Quiz Set-3

1. Rose is the under which family flowering plant?
[A] Rosaceae family
[B] Green family
[C] grassaceae family
[D] masaceae family
Answer: Rosaceae family

2. How many colors are there in a Rambo?
[A] Three
[B] Five
[C] Seven
[D] Nine
Answer: Seven

3. Mouse is a which type device in computer system?
[A] Input
[B] Outut
[C] Both
[D] None of the Above
Answer: Input

4. Which year World War II ended ?
[A] 1942
[B] 1943
[C] 1944
[D] 1945
Answer: 1945

5. which type of company is Nokia?
[A] Computer Hardware
[B] Software
[C] Telecommunications company
[D] Data
Answer: Telecommunications company

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6. Why for high heat of the sun?
[A] Nuclear fusion of Oxygen
[B] Nuclear fusion of Heliyam
[C] Nuclear fusion of Hydrogen
[D] Nuclear fusion of Carbon
Answer: Nuclear fusion of Hydrogen

7. Ozan layer protects the earth from ______?
Water and Tree
Water and Earth
Water and Salt
Space and Other Radiation
Answer: Space and Other Radiation

8. Actress ‘Cicely Tyson’ passed away on 28 January 2021. She was which country actress ?
[A] Japan
[B] Cheen
[C] United States of America
[D] Australia
Answer: United States of America

9. In India which cit in Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport?
[A] Delhi
[B] Mumbai
[C] Kolkata
[D] Chennai
Answer: Kolkata

10. In Which year All India Women’s Conference was founded?
[A] 1925
[B] 1926
[C] 1926
[D] 1927
Answer: 1927



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