History General Knowledge Questions and Answers – Set 7

Q1. The First Battle of Panipat was fought between
A. Winston Churchill
B. Joseph Stalin
C. Chiang Kai Shek
D. F.D. Roosevelt

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Answer: A. Winston Churchill

Q2. The founder of Bahamani kingdom was
A. Ibrahim Lodhi and Baabar
B. Rana Sanga and Baabar
C. Akbar and Hemu
D. Humayun and Shershah

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Answer: C. Akbar and Hemu

Q3. The battle in which Humayun was defeated and was saved with the help of a water carrier, was
A. The Battle of Kalinga
B. Ballte of Dauraba
C. Battle of Chausa
D. Battle of Kannauj

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Answer: C. Battle of Chausa

Q4. Agra city was founded by the ruler named
A. Bahlol Lodhi
B. Baabur
C. Sikandar Lohi
D. Akbar

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Answer: C. Sikandar Lohi

Q5. Akbar was born at
A. Kabul
B. Amarkot
C. Lahore
D. Agra

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Answer: B. Amarkot

Q6. She Shah is well known in Indian History for hiS
A. Administration
B. Victory
C. Religious Policy
D. Protection of art & literature

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Answer: A. Administration

Q7. In childhood Jahangir was called by the name
A. Farid
B. Khurram
C. Khusrau
D. Salim

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Answer: D. Salim

Q8. The son-in-law of Noor Jahan was
A. Shaharyar
B. Khurram
C. Khusro
D. Mohammad Ismial

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Answer: A. Shaharyar

Q9. The reign of Jahangir is well known for
A. Religious tolerance
B. Art and Literature
C. Justice
D. Conquests and Expansion of Empire

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Answer: C. Justice

Q10. The Battle of Samugarh was fought between
A. Aurangzeb and Murad
B. Aurangzeb and Shah Shuja
C. Jaswant Singh and Dara
D. Aurangzeb and Dara

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Answer: C. Jaswant Singh and Dara

Q11. In ____ Hundreds of thousands of lower caste Hindus convert to Buddhism.
A. 4 November 2001
B. 4 November 2003
C. 4 November 2005
D. 4 November 2007

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Answer: A. 4 November 2001-This was the largest mass conversions in recent years.