SET 2 – Sports Questions and Answers

Sports General Knowledge Set-2 Here we published General Knowledge Questions and Answers of Sports. Sports Set-2 Questions with Answers will be helpful for you in the upcoming competitive exams.

Set-2 Sports GK Quiz for Competitive Exams

Q1. With which game are the three seconds related?
1. Billiards
2. Basketball
3. Polo
4. Boxing

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Answer: Basketball

Q2. Irani Cup is related to which of the following sports?
1. Football Hockey
2. Boxing
3. Cricket
4. Polo

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Answer: Cricket

Q3. Upper cut is related to which of the following games?
1. Boxing
2. Basketball
3. Lawn Tennis
4. Golf

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Answer: Boxing

Q4. Which of the following is not a hockey player?
1. Balveer Singh
2. G.S. Ramchand
3. Prithvipal Singh
4. Ashok Kumar

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Answer: G.S. Ramchand

Q5. How many cross lanes are there in Kho-Kho?
1. 9
2. 8
3. 16
4. 2

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Answer: 8

Q6. In which year did the Arjuna Award begin?
1. 1981
2. 1890
3. 1961
4. 1995

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Answer: 1961

Q7. Which sportsperson has been honored with the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2012?
1. Yogeshwar Dutt
2. Vijay Kumar
3. George Bush
4. Kim Hughes

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Answer: Yogeshwar Dutt

Q8. Which country started the Kabaddi game?
1. Greek
2. Russia
3. India
4. Japan

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Answer: India

Q9. Who is the Chairman of International Olympic Committee?
1. Yogeshwar Dutt
2. Jacques Rogge
3. Vijay Kumar
4. Geoff Howarth

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Answer: Jacques Rogge

Q10. Which country has won the most gold medals in the 30th Olympics held in London in 2012?
1. America
2. Japan
3. Russia
4. China

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Answer: America

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