SET 10 – UPSC Questions and Answers

UPSC GK Quiz Set-10 – Here we have published some very important General Knowledge Questions Answers of UPSC-Set-10 for UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam. All these gk quiz will be available in the upcoming UPSC.

UPSC Quiz Set-10 for Upcoming UPSC Exam

Question 1. Which is the certain area where all the voters residing choose their representatives.
A. Constituency
B. polling area
C. constituency
D. Legislative Area

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Answer: Constituency

Question 2. What is the size of the two defense cells that surround the blood?
A. oval
B. triangular
C. rectangular
D. kidney size

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Answer: the size of the kidney

Question 3. What is the wind direction at night?
A. from the valleys to the mountains
B. from the mountains to the valleys and
C. from the site to the sea
D. from the sea to the site

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Answer: from the sea to the site and

Question 4. Which statement is true?
A. Julies won the Chess 2017 Women’s World Chess Championship.
B. Australia hosted the Tennis 2017 Hopman Cup.
C. Max Wesertappen Wins Formula One 2017 Malaysian Grand Prix |

A. Only A
B. only C
C. Both B and C
D. A, B and C

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Answer: Both B and C

Question 5. In HTML, specifies the set of controls that are interconnected so that one radio button can be selected from each set at a time.

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Answer: TYPE = "RADIO"

Question 6. From which year does the government want to see 6-7 million electric and hybrid vehicles on Indian roads under the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan?
A. 2022
B. 2020
C. 2025
D. 2019

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Answer: 2020

Question 7. Atoms of elements whose mass number and atom have same difference, are called
A. equal
B. isotopic
C. synchronic
D. None of the options are correct

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Answer: synchronic

Question 8. Heavy water is mainly used in which of the following?
A. in fire
B. in nuclear plants
C. to wash clothes
D. in both nuclear plants and firefighters

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Answer: In nuclear plants

Question 9. Which panchayat is prevented from doing arbitrary work such as misuse of money or favoring selected people.
A. Gram Sabha
B. District Collector
C. sarpanch
D. Secretary

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Answer: Gram Sabha

Question 10. Which research laboratory has developed an artificial intelligence robot named Shelley to write Bhutia stories?
A. IBM – Media Research Lab
B. MIT – Media Lab
C. Almandens Visual Media
D. Walmart Media Lab

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Answer: MIT - Media Lab

Question 11. On 9 November 2017, the House Building Advance (HBA) rules were revised. Now, under the new rules, how much amount can central government employees borrow from the government?
A. 50 lakhs
B. Rs 25 lakhs
C. 75 lakhs
D. 15 lakhs

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Answer: Rs 25 lakh

Question 12. The Indian government has approved the year 2018 as a national year to promote the production of which nutri-rich crop?
A. millet
B. wheat
C. rice
D. maize

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Answer: millet

Question 13. If a Vastu accelerates from 10 m / s to 20 m / s in 4 seconds, find its acceleration (in m / s 2) .
A. 7.5
B. 5
C. 15
D. 2.5

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Answer: 2.5

Question 14. The transmission of sound can be seen as the transmission of which change in a medium?
A. energy
B. power
C. force
D. pressure

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Answer: Pressure

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