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Physics Questions and Answers Section 1

1. What are the dimension of latent heat:
A. MLT2 T­2
B. ML­2T­2
C. M0LT­2
D. M0L2 T­2

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M0L2 T­2

2. If a current is passed in a spring it:
A. Get compressed
B. Get expanded
C. Oscillates
D. Remain unchanged

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Answer: Get compressed

3. The unit of surface energy is:
A. Joule
B. Joule/meter2
C. Newton
D. Newton­meter2

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Answer: Joule/meter2<

4. The angular momentum of a body is conserved, if the acting:
A. Force is zero
B. Torque is zero
C. Force is constant
D. Torque is constant

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Answer: Torque is zero

5. A raindrop of radius r falls from a certain height ‘h’ above the ground. The work done by the gravitational force is proportional to:
A. r
B. r2
C. r3
D. r4

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Answer: r3

6. Images formed by a convex spherical mirror is:
A. Virtual
B. Real
C. Enlarged
D. Inverted

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Answer: Virtual

7. Ther rocket works on the principle of:
A. Conservation of energy
B. Conservation of mass
C. Conservation of linear momentum
D. Conservation of angular momentum/

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Answer: Conservation of linear momentum

8. A galvanometer is converted into an ammeter when we connect a:
A. High resistance in series
B. High resistance in parallel
C. Low resistance in series
D. Low resistance in parallel

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Answer: Low resistance in parallel

9. In steady state the temperature of cross section area of a rod, changes with time:
A. Decreased
B. Increased
C. Remain same
D. Firstly decreased then increased

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Answer: Remain same

10. The unit of impulse is the same as that of:
A. Moment of force
B. Linear momentum
C. Rate of change of linear momentum
D. Force

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Answer: Linear momentum
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