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SET 3 – Railway Exam Questions and Answers

Indian Railway Recruitment Control Board (Railway Recruitment Board – GS Team published here Railway RRB Exam GK Questions and Answers in english. These questions and answers will be helpful for crack Railway NTPC and more railway exams.

SET 3 – Railway RRB GK Questions and Answers (Quiz)

Q1. Which is the largest public sector undertaking of India?
1. Financial Instruments
2. Indian Railways
3. Transportation Equipment
4. Tourist Equipment

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Answer: Indian Railways

Q2. What is the place of Indian rail network in Asia?
1. third
2. Second
3. Fourth
4. Eighth

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Answer: another

Q3. When did the first rail run in the world?
1. 1822
2. 1825
3. 1855
4. 1865

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Answer: 1825

Q4. What is the fastest train in India?
1. Shatabdi Express
2. Thar Express
3. Samjhauta Express
4. Vivek Express

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Answer: Shatabdi Express

Q5. Which state of India has the highest rail line?
1. Uttar Pradesh
2. Rajasthan
3. Haryana
4. Maharashtra

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Answer: Uttar Pradesh

Q6. Where is the headquarters of East Central Railway Zone?
1. In Patna
2. In Hajipur
3. In Ranchi
4. In Gaya

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Answer: in Hajipur

Q7. Who presented the first railway budget of independent India?
1. Abdul Rahim
2. George Stephenson
3. John Mathai
4. Other

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Answer: John Mathai

Q8. Which is the oldest Puran steam engine in the world so far used?
1. Fairy Queen
2. Orient Express
3. Last star
4. None of these

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Answer: Fairy Queen

Q9. Who is the inventor of rail engine?
1. Abdul Ghaffar Khan
2. George Orreval
3. George Stephenson
4. Other

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Answer: George Stephenson

Q10. Which of the following trains runs on the longest rail route in the country?
1. Jammu-Kanyakumari Express
2. Gorakhpur-Kochi Express
3. Karnataka Express
4. Mumbai Express

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Answer: Jammu-Kanyakumari Express

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