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SET 7 – Railway Exam Questions and Answers

Indian Railway Recruitment Control Board (Railway Recruitment Board – GS Team published here Railway RRB Exam GK Questions and Answers in english. These questions and answers will be helpful for crack Railway NTPC and more railway exams.

SET 7 – Railway RRB GK Questions and Answers (Quiz)

Q1. Which gauge is used in hilly areas?
1. Broad Gauge
2. meter gauge
3. Narrow gauge
4. Special gauge

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Answer: Narrow gauge

Q2. Which of the following regional headquarters – city combination is incorrect?
1. West Central – Jabalpur
2. North Western – Jodhpur
3. South East Central – Bilaspur
4. East Central – Hajipur

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Answer: Northwest - Jodhpur

Q3. How many railway training institutes are there in India?
1. six
2. three
3. five
4. four

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Answer: Five

Q4. The Konkan Railway runs through which of the following states?
1. Maharashtra – Karnataka – Andhra Pradesh – Kerala
2. Maharashtra – Karnataka – Goa – Kerala
3. Maharashtra – Karnataka – Kerala – Tamil Nadu
4. Karnataka – Goa – Kerala – Tamil Nadu

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Answer: Maharashtra - Karnataka - Goa - Kerala

Q5. Which of these states is working for metro railways?
1. Tamil Nadu
2. Gujarat
3. West Bengal
4. Maharashtra

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Answer: West Bengal

Q6. Which of these railroads is the largest area?
1. Southern Railway
2. Western Railway
3. Northern Railway
4. Eastern Railway

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Answer: Northern Railway

Q7. In which institution is the training of electrical work being given?
1. Railway Staff College
2. Indian Railway Electrical Engineering Institute
3. Indian Railway Institute of Civil Engineering
4. Indian Railway Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

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Answer: Indian Railway Electrical Engineering Institute

Q8. Maitree Express connects which country to India?
1. Nepal
2. Myanmar
3. Bangladesh
4. Pakistan

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Answer: Bangladesh

Q9. Which of the following trains ran between Boribandar to Thane in 1853?
1. Central India Railway
2. Bombay Baroda Railway
3. Scindia Railway
4. Great Indian Peninsula Railway

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Answer: Great Indian Peninsula Railway

Q10. Under which Governor-General was the railway lines established in India?
1. Lord Canning
2. Lord William Bentick
3. Lord Cornwallis
4. Lord Dalhousie

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Answer: Lord Dalhousie

Q11. When was the North Eastern Border Railway (NEFR) established?
1. 15 January 1958
2. 25 January 1856
3. January 22, 1947
4. April 21, 1889

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Answer: 15 January 1958

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