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SET 8 – Railway Exam Questions and Answers

Indian Railway Recruitment Control Board (Railway Recruitment Board – GS Team published here Railway RRB Exam GK Questions and Answers in english. These questions and answers will be helpful for crack Railway NTPC and more railway exams.

SET 8 – Railway RRB GK Questions and Answers (Quiz)

Q1. In which year was the first underground railway (metro railway) started?
1. 1990
2. 1984
3. 1989
4. 1995

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Answer: 1984

Q2. In which year Shatabdi Express train started?
1. 1995
2. 1989
3. 1990
4. 1988

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Answer: 1988

Q3. In which of the following has Diesel Component Works been established?
1. Delhi
2. Patiala
3. Perambur
4. Mumbai

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Answer: Patiala

Q4. Which of the following is the largest area of ​​Indian Railways?
1. Northern Railway
2. Eastern Railway
3. Central Railway
4. Western Railway

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Answer: Northern Railway

Q5. Which of these railway stations is located in the extreme south of India?
1. Trivandrum
2. Chennai
3. Kanyakumari
4. New Delhi

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Answer: Kanyakumari

Q6. Which of the following statements about regional railways and their headquarters is not correct?
1. Southern Railway – Chennai
2. South Central Railway – Secunderabad
3. Northern Railway – New Delhi
4. Central Railway – Bhopal

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Answer: Central Railway - Bhopal

Q7. In which of these years was the Indian Railways nationalized?
1. 1950
2. 1955
3. 1960
4. 1965

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Answer: 1950

Q8. The first Indian train was started between which of these places?
K Mumbai to Thane
2. From Delhi to Surat
3. Mumbai to Delhi
4. Mumbai to Madras

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Answer: A from Mumbai to Thane

Q9. In which of these places is the Railway Staff College located?
1. Delhi
2. Vadodara
3. Kerala
4. Haryana

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Answer: Vadodara

Q10. In which of these places is research, design and standards organization located?
1. New Delhi
2. Lucknow
3. Kolkata
4. Delhi

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Answer: Lucknow

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